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Winning Technology of the Year: Assisting Drivers in Distress

You’re driving down the interstate and get a flat tire. The issue itself is stressful enough, but then you have to spend 15 minutes talking to an agent to get a repair or tow. If you’ve ever been faced with car troubles, you understand just how frustrating waiting on the side of the road for assistance can be.

Why Axle™ is the Technology of the Year

HGS is combining Bots&Brains™ in a unique way for better roadside service. Our automated dispatch assistant, Axle™, helps emergency roadside assistance (ERS) teams accelerate dispatches by triaging and capturing information. In recognition of our human-centric bot, Axle™, HGS has been named a winner for Technology of the Year in the 2022 Excellence in Customer Service Awards presented by Business Intelligence Group.

Our patented technology is being used to assist drivers in distress, providing real-time access via GPS to each roadside event as it happens, while reducing average handle time from 10–14 minutes using an agent to under 1 minute using a bot.

“Customer service professionals and suppliers have had to make significant changes to adopt to our evolving world,” said Maria Jimenez, chief nominations officer of the Business Intelligence Group. “It is our honor to recognize HGS, as they are leading by example and making real progress on improving the daily lives of so many.”

The Excellence in Customer Service Awards celebrate those who are winning by supporting their own customers and those who are developing the tools to help others find success. Awards were given out to 85 consultants, outsource partners, and technology providers for superior performances in the past 12 months.

Disrupting the ERS industry

The easy-to-navigate, human-centric experience begins with a simple service request: the driver contacts customer service via SMS, mobile messaging, or calls for help. In the dispatching process, our platform will leverage a national network to get you the nearest and fastest tow truck. All parties benefit from real-time transparency with the ability to view the status of the tow in real-time. The bot also works to find the closest dealership and mechanic.

With real-time tracking, notifications, customer reviews, and real-time engagement in 40+ languages across the globe, Axle™ works quickly and efficiently to get stranded drivers back on the road.

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Micaela Galiano

Micaela Galiano, Digital Marketing Specialist, HGS

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