Scaling Business Through On-Demand Expertise

Scaling Business Through On-Demand Expertise

On-demand expertise or expertise on-demand is a way of doing business that lets companies and startups access professionals with expertise in jobs that are essential for the growth of a tech enterprise.

Running a tech organization or an IT firm has never been a one man show. From strategizing a concrete business plan to marketing the product/service in the right way, from analyzing risks to finding the right venture capitalist, from preventing copyright infringement to setting up tech support, it takes a lot more than writing and testing codes to establish a technological company in its full capacity. Often, it’s hard to keep a tab of the various operations that occur in parallel within a tech company and the resulting environment is typically home to several new, ever-evolving roles and tasks on an everyday basis.

Now, more than ever, tech organizations are having a tough time finding skilled and experienced professionals to carry out such tasks. This is why many IT and other tech-based companies are settling for the expertise on-demand culture.

What is on-demand expertise?

On-demand expertise is an environment that allows companies to hire professionals for a finite period, without signing a long-term contract and paying a fee that is devoid of the perks that a regular employee receives. Usually, the hired professional is expected to deliver the service through online platforms that connect clients (tech giants and small startups) with experts who can provide guidance and solutions to their problems.

Recruiting on-demand experts or freelancers allows companies to be flexible and offers them the opportunity to work with fresh talent whenever possible. There are several other benefits of on-demand expertise which include:

  • Hassle-free work allocation: When a company decides to hire a freelancer for a specific aspect of a project, he/she/they can focus on that job alone. This way managers can spend their valuable time managing other important tasks at hand.
  • Cost-effectiveness: Hiring people based on an ‘on-demand’ basis can help companies save a lot of money. Since on-demand experts come with a work rate of their own, budgeting and estimating the cost of a project becomes easy and accurate.
  • Fuss-free onboarding: Hiring and onboarding a long-term employee is a lengthy process. Onboarding an on-demand expert requires less paperwork and time. Additionally, the organization will not have to spend time, money and put their existing resources to work for formalities such as background verification
  • No setup cost and maintenance-related trouble: Most freelancers keep themselves equipped with a functioning system and the tool/software they need to work upon. Companies do not have to worry about purchasing new computers, buying and installing tools that are needed for the task, and chalking out a plan to resolve maintenance issues.
  • Approachable remote setups: In this Internet-fueled era, one doesn’t always have to be present in an office premise to get things done. Remote or work-from-home setups are beneficial for companies as well as the freelancer. Companies save on set-up costs inclusive of office infrastructure, meal costs, etc. while the hired expert saves on the cost of commuting to the office.
  • High standards of quality: Freelancers are thoroughly judged based on their past work experience and the body of work they put forth to showcase. On-demand experts are often former consultants or industry veterans who have deep domain knowledge and expertise. They can also bring fresh perspectives and insights that traditional consultants may lack.

Unlike traditional consulting, the on-demand work culture focuses on breaking down jobs into simpler components and entrusting them to individuals who hold expertise on the very same thing. The advent of several digital platforms has encouraged companies to hire skilled professionals without worrying about the baggage that comes with hiring a long-term employee.

On-demand expertise has a lot to offer in terms of work flexibility and business scalability

On-demand expertise offers businesses more flexibility and control over the cost, duration, overall scope, and end result of the project. Companies can choose the individuals they want to work with, based on their skills, past experience, and availability.

The pandemic has humbled top IT giants and made people all over the globe realize that no matter how big the goal, it cannot be achieved without the people who have the knowledge, experience, and intention to achieve it. Gig-based or on-demand expertise makes it easy to set priorities for both parties.

The setup is ideal for organizations seeking help with projects that are short- and long-term, strategic, tactical, bespoke, and generalized.

On-demand expertise is here to transform the work culture in the tech world

When you are part of a tech environment, it is always a race against time. One enterprise is always competing with others to release a product/service that is expected to blow everyone’s mind. Finding real talent who can adapt and perform in accordance with the rapidly evolving goals of the tech industry in such an ambiance becomes a mammoth task for the company.

While there are platforms like Upwork, TaskRabbit, Fiverr, Toptal, and Turing that employ freelancers and subcontractors, more organizations are beginning to offer on-demand expertise with properly vetted individuals with lengthy acumen.  Companies like HGS have an entire structure built around supporting organizations on their short and long-term goals with on-demand expertise with such individuals.

It is imperative to acknowledge that companies that leverage talent platforms to find resources enjoy the benefits that come with a blended workforce. Fresh perspectives and new ideas are being welcomed, flexible workflows are being encouraged, turn-around-time scores are decreasing, and effective use of advanced tools and software is being practiced.

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