IT Staffing Experts on Demand

Rethinking IT Staffing by Accessing Experts on Demand

Depending solely on full-time employees (FTEs) for both innovation and daily operations has become impractical. In boom times, recruiting specialists quickly proves challenging, and during downturns, high fixed payroll costs can impede growth-focused investments.

Introducing a new IT staffing model by accessing experts on demand eliminates the need for long-term payroll commitments. In a recent whitepaper by HGS, IT staffing on demand is explored as organizations turn to more creative, alternative approaches to filling the talent gap.

Adapting to an IT Talent Shortage

Nearly 80% of employers around the world said they had difficulty filling open roles in 2023. The talent gap is especially acute in IT, which poses a threat to businesses of all sizes. Unfilled IT and cybersecurity positions can lead to a variety of effects, but most notable are the negative effects that can leave an organization reeling, such as:

  • Growing costs to recruit, hire, onboard, and train
  • Disruption from preventable cyberattacks
  • Opportunity costs due to delays in launching new digital or introducing new features and services in the competitive market

Hiring full-time employees or relying on a consultant doesn’t adapt well to the fast pace of digital business as —

  1. Permanent hiring is a lengthy and cumbersome process, especially for rare skill sets.
  2. Most IT consultants specialize only in smaller projects with long duration.

Benefits of Experts on Demand

Experts-on-demand service providers complement the in-house staff of businesses, delivering the required IT talent for as long as needed. The benefits of accessing experts on demand include:

  1. Agility to scale rapidly and pivot with changing business priorities
  2. Flexible staffing costs depending on demand
  3. Valuable time of in-house team invested in the core business
  4. Knowledge transfer from people with deep domain and technical expertise
  5. Quick resolutions: some providers offer 24/7 support
  6. No fixed payroll obligations in an uncertain economy
  7. No operational burden of recruitment and onboarding
  8. No project delays while attempting to hire people with scarce skills

HGS Provides Experts on Demand with a Personal Touch

Since 2023, we at HGS have delivered an experts-on-demand service to enterprises, midsize businesses, and small businesses around the world in nearly every industry. We augment your IT team, shouldering specific responsibilities to free up your people to focus on the core business. Paying for project execution on a time-and-materials basis helps you meet your goals affordably. Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Access to specialists around the world – We have curated a network of experienced experts in technical services, operations management, project management, IT consulting, and more. We can provide one person, or 100, whatever is going to help you reach your goals faster and more efficiently.
  • A permanent staff of experts with in-demand skills – Includes DevSecOps and various cloud and cybersecurity specialties. We source other experts as needed through our multi-country referral networks.
  • Optimized performance and costs – We find the right balance by forming teams with a blend of senior and junior people.
  • Multi-country operations – We cultivate experts who speak and write the languages of your customers and staff.
  • Get the Right Answer Fast® service – With our staff of experts in different time zones, you don’t have to wait till morning for answers to urgent technical questions, helping to reduce downtime and keep your teams working at full throttle.

Whether you need one expert or 100, we’ve got your back. Learn more at

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