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Is data privacy at risk with ChatGPT?

ChatGPT Privacy Concerns: Is Your Personal Data at Risk?

Even though ChatGPT is helping us to optimize various processes and also create new content, we cannot turn a blind eye to the fact that data privacy is at risk and as of now, there are no absolute reforms to tackle this issue.

12 Vital metrics and KPIs to measure contact center performance

12 Vital Metrics and KPIs to Measure Contact Center Performance

Contact center metrics help to measure the success of various activities performed by contact centers. They also shed light on areas that need improvement. Read along to know about the most important contact center metrics and KPIs.

5 Ways ChatGPT improves customer experience

5 Ways ChatGPT Improves Customer Experience

ChatGPT is AI’s recent gift to mankind. Out of the many sectors it has positively impacted, one of them is customer service. Know more about how it can be used to improve customer experience journeys here.

The 5 essential stages of a strong CX journey

The 5 Essential Stages of a Strong CX Journey

A successful and fulfilling customer experience journey can ensure happy and satisfied customers. Here are the 5 essential stages crucial to a smooth and strong CX journey.

The rise of ChatGPT: Applications and implications of conversational AI

Implications of ChatGPT and Its Role in Shaping the Future

ChatGPT is the most advanced chatbot that humans have seen till date. Will ChatGPT lessen the load on human resources or downsize the human workforce? Read along to understand its implications and applications in depth.

4 Important functionalities in customer engagement software

4 Important Functionalities in Customer Engagement Software

Customer engagement software is a tool that helps contact center agents fetch, track, and analyze customer behavior throughout this journey.

Using ChatGPT for better performance

Using AI for Customer Experience Insights

Professionals from different sectors are debating whether AI powered tools should be used to replace human resources or should be uprooted in every way, but the customer service industry has concluded that these tools will come in handy to improve CX.

How AI powered calls can improve customer experience?

How AI Powered Calls can Improve Customer Experience

From conversational chatbots to automated ticket creation, Artificial Intelligence has reformed customer service in a better way. With the help of AI, agents can offer personalized services to their customers leading to brand loyalty and higher numbers of customer retention.

5 Essential contact center capabilities for improved CX

5 Essential Contact Center Capabilities for Improved CX

As organizations turn to level up their contact center strategies, increasing contact center capabilities will ultimately improve customer service and build strong customer-agent relationships for the future.

6 simple ways to achieve quality customer engagement

6 Simple Ways to Achieve Quality Customer Engagement

Customer engagement allows customers to interact with a brand on preferred channels for both B2B and B2C businesses, allowing for ease of communication of opinions, concerns and reviews.

Contact center vs call center blog banner

Call Center vs. Contact Center: 6 Key Differences

Most people confuse call centers and contact centers to be the same thing. In reality, call centers are part of a bigger set called contact centers.

The evolution of social media marketing in business blog banner image

The History of Social Media Marketing: Its Evolution in Business

Social media introduced a whole new democracy that allows people to follow whom they view as influencers and connect with them. Users can see what their peers are saying or are currently into, which serves as a guide to how consumers ultimately spend their money.

10 actionable tips to motivate your contact center agents

10 Actionable Tips to Motivate your Contact Center Agents

Happy and motivated contact center agents help to succeed in CX across various platforms. Here are 10 actionable tips to keep them motivated in the long run.

Chat GPT blog banner

ChatGPT – A Social Media Warrior

Up your social media marketing game with ChatGPT. It can help you with a number of things such as creating content calendars, finding relevant keywords and hashtags, and articulating best responses for all social media platforms.

Challenges of Social Media Engagement

Top 5 Social Media Marketing Challenges

Marketing comes with its own set of challenges, and social media engagement is no exception.

Benefits of AI in contact centers

How Artificial Intelligence is Transforming Contact Centers?

AI in contact centers solves customer issues with quick resolutions that are made possible through predictive and analytical AI software.

Google Bard AI

What is Google Bard AI? How to Use it? Features, Use Cases, and Limitations

Similar to OpenAI’s ChatGPT, Google Bard (named as a storyteller) is the latest experimental AI-powered chatbot that can respond to various queries and requests in a conversational manner.

Agent collaboration

What is Agent Collaboration and its Impact on CX?

Agent collaboration not only helps to deliver a frictionless customer experience, but it also paves the way to build an organization-wide knowledge base.

Contact center analytics

What is Contact Center Analytics? Here’s Everything you Need to Know

While contact cente analytics is only one of the broader set of improvements that can be introduced to a contact center ecosystem, it is a powerful tool when implemented.

Customer Data Platform

How to Measure the Performance of a Customer Data Platform

The true value of a Customer Data Platform depends on how it is used, and by handling it with a customer-centric mindset, businesses can maximize their returns.

Thought leaders HGS

Using Empathy, Understanding and Experience to Lead

We’re not into doing things just for glitz and glamour, we’ve got the size and scale to go as big as the sky allows, but we really are focused on success and getting results for our clients in a way that benefits them entirely.

Contact center skills

What are the Top Contact Center Skills for Agents and Managers?

We have rounded up the top contact center skills that agents and managers must cultivate to ensure a smooth-running process.

Contact centers are revenue centers

How to Generate More Revenue Through your Contact Center

There are several ways to drive revenue from contact centers instead of finding reasons to hack away at potential investment opportunities in this area.

Customer experience goals

The Top 5 Customer Experience Goals to set for your Business

We have put together a comprehensive list of the top customer experience goals that you can set for your business and fast-track success.