One Love, Two CX Superstars: A “Decade Duo” Reflects on 10 Years of Success at HGS Jamaica

HGS launched its first nearshore Jamaica site in Kingston with a banking client and about 55 employees. This year, having grown to 1700+ employees with renowned clients across six industries, the always-enthusiastic HGS Jamaica team celebrates a significant milestone that has not yet been achieved by many international outsourcers operating in this geography.

June 2022 was an exciting month for our nearshore delivery centers in the Caribbean. HGS Jamaica celebrated its 10-year anniversary, punctuated by a fun-filled party broadcasted over a live video conference feed. Hosted by our ever-energized HGS Jamaica team, the 90-minute celebration had scores of HGS staff and client representatives in virtual and live attendance from around the world.

In addition to several team members contributing live poetry readings, video presentations, song performances and, of course, levity and cheering, the event featured two talented, standout employees who have supported the now-large banking client ever since HGS began operations on the culture-rich, beautiful, enchanting tropical isle.

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The creation of CX superstars: Two inspirational HGS Jamaica trainers are honored for 10 years of growth

After starting out in 2012 at one of the Kingston sites as customer service representatives, Onika Dunkley-Harrison and Santria Anderson (shown in the following series of images, respectively) were consistently recognized over the years for their incredible aptitude and fantastic people skills.

These desirable proficiencies enabled them to transition into other positions over time, including escalation work, sales, and quality assurance, and now, into their current influential roles as trainers.

Both Onika and Santria said that it was Assistant Manager Nadeage Logan who noticed excellent traits in them that prompted her to approach them about possibly becoming trainers.

“I was comfortable in my QA role, but when Nadeage gave me the opportunity to become a trainer, I took a chance on the new position,” Onika said. “And if I could go back in time, I would’ve told my younger self not to be so laid back and comfortable, and to be more assertive to go further.”

Santria said, “At first, I told Nadeage I was too busy to switch positions because I was going to school at the time. But she kept saying I’d be very good at it, so I decided to give it a try. I also procrastinated way too much before, but now I’m telling my future self to take and make the best out of any opportunity that comes to me.”

Onika has been a trainer for nearly two years, and it’s been about a year as a trainer for Santria. Both women say they’re working toward becoming lead trainers next.

Film strip of Onika Dunkley-Harrison

Agent motivators in the workplace: Compassion, connection, competition, and cash!

When it comes to making sure every customer interaction is a great one, Onika and Santria agree that it’s all about demonstrating empathy, building rapport, and making each customer feel comfortable and cared for, because practicing compassion and connection is the best way to keep customers. They also said that product knowledge is very important, which is directly related to a good training experience.

Regarding what helps encourage employees and increase quality scores, the two ladies laughed.

“Money!” they both said with big smiles, adding that friendly, empathy-based competitions really help trainees feel appreciated and motivated. The prizes often include small amounts of cash, gift certificates, or packages of sweets and treats to enjoy.

Their favorite part about working at HGS is the family-like vibe and how everyone is encouraged to talk and uplift each other. When challenges arise, there are always people who will listen, assist, and help to fix the situation when possible.

The two trainers are of one mind regarding HGS’s level of care for employees’ well-being. Onika knows first-hand how HGS varies from other employers, “Even though all work has stressful moments, the environment at HGS is relaxed such that people have time to learn and grow. It’s not uncommon for music and dancing to break out to relieve stress. I’ve seen many employees leave HGS, only to promptly come back after experiencing the stress and culture shock of working elsewhere. Here, I can honestly tell myself that the sky is the limit.” Santria agreed – “Unlike other companies, the environment is actually enjoyable. I’m encouraged to shine like a star and embrace any opportunity that comes my way. HGS goes the extra mile for employees – even as far as providing transportation for employees who have to work late shifts.”

Film strip of Santria Anderson

All HGS Jamaica employees receive applause and admiration

Prior to the celebration, Santria and Onika were each treated to a professional makeup and photo sessions. Additionally, life-size cardboard cutouts of the smiling pair now stand at the front entrances of both Jamaica sites as inspiration and indication of what can be achieved while working at HGS Jamaica. They were also awarded with glass plaques, gift boxes, special magazine memorabilia, and features in national newspaper tabloids.

Notably, HGS Jamaica as a whole has been recognized by Glassdoor as one of the top 10 companies to work for in Jamaica, and has been awarded by the International Association of Outsourcing Professionals (IAOP) for employee impact sourcing. These two extraordinary women, known as the “Decade Duo,” are definitely part of the reason the nearshore team is thriving.

After the confetti had settled, HGS President Narasimha Murthy shared a heartfelt sentiment with the entire Jamaica team.

“To see and participate in HGS Jamaica’s growth for 10 years is both inspiring and satisfying. Here’s to the work that you’ve all done so spectacularly well, and I wish the very best congratulations to those of you who have spent substantial time of your careers with us. The energy and passion that you bring to your work, and the kind of dedication that you’ve shown, I’m proud of it and inspired by it every day. So thank you for everything, and I look forward to many more glorious years with you all.”

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