Office-to-home cloud solutions

INFOGRAPHIC: Swift and Hassle-free Office-to-Home Cloud Transition in Days

The COVID-19 pandemic made it very clear that the facilitation of remote working setups is a great way to achieve business advancements during adverse situations. Amid this crisis, one prominent U.S. consumer electronics company faced the urgent need for an office-to-home transition with CRM integration. To address this challenge, the electronics giant turned to HGS and Twilio to accelerate their cloud journey.

An Effective Home-based Business Model is the Heed of the Hour

In an impressive feat, HGS, in partnership with Twilio, orchestrated an on-cloud solution in just 27 days. This expedited service not only ensured a seamless shift but also resulted in $50K savings for the electronics company.

HGS didn’t just offer a cost-effective remedy; they prioritized continuity in daily operations while maintaining robust cybersecurity measures. The cloud setup and CRM integration were executed within an astonishing 3-4 days, exceeding the interim CSAT score by an impressive 85%.

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