Revitalizing customer loyalty

INFOGRAPHIC: Revitalizing Loyalty Amongst Customers with an Analytics-Driven Solution

Many prominent corporations and business houses often grapple with the challenge of retaining their current customer base while simultaneously attracting new ones. One noteworthy example of this conundrum can be seen in a prestigious luxury hotel chain operating throughout Asia. Faced with a similar kind of dilemma, the company sought the expertise of HGS, and they embraced a unique yet highly effective approach through loyalty programs.

Loyalty Programs Tailor-Made for Customer Engagement

These loyalty programs were devised with the primary objective of fostering exceptionally high levels of customer engagement and satisfaction. These programs were meticulously crafted based on insights drawn from predictive analytical reports and strategically promoted across a wide range of digital channels to reach their target audience. Targeted focus was given to enhancing the quality of customer interactions. Thus, frequent audits were conducted to identify areas for improvement, and feedback was swiftly integrated to drive change.

HGS used a personalized approach to understand the unique needs and preferences of both existing and prospective customers and a novel strategy of skill and talent-based work allocation was implemented to ensure favorable outcomes and further elevate the overall customer experience.

These strategically-sound loyalty programs proved to be a resounding success for the hotel chain as they recorded a 38% rise in conversion rate for loyalty membership renewals. Additionally, 20% of these renewals resulted in upgraded memberships. This initiative contributed to an impressive 50% boost in revenue, all of which was generated from these renewed memberships.

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