Cloud migration for a healthcare payer company

INFOGRAPHIC: HGS Completes Cloud Migration in 4 Weeks

Cloud migration has become essential due to its multifaceted advantages. From agility and scalability to cost-efficiency and global accessibility, migrating operations to cloud is a way forward to digital innovation. So, when a healthcare payer was looking to accelerate its cloud migration process, they approached HGS for its established expertise in this domain.

The client was aiming for a smooth and gradual shift from on-premises to cloud, housing over 3,000 applications—ranging from customer-facing to backend systems. Despite deploying a 100-member team, the migration pace of merely three to four apps per month left the client dissatisfied.

The HGS Cloud accelerator helps companies fasten their cloud migration process

The HGS team aligned with the client to define optimal practices, requirements, and stringent security measures to streamline the migration process across the enterprise. Introducing the HGS Cloud Accelerator—an amalgamation of tools, top-tier practices, security protocols, and automation—the platform was proposed to expedite their cloud migration.

HGS Cloud accelerator framework

The results surpassed expectations. The cloud accelerator platform enabled an 80%+ reduction in the cost of implementation when compared to the cost of building a similar in-house solution from scratch.

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