Gen AI enhances CX operations

INFOGRAPHIC: Generative AI Enhances CX Operations

Seamless communication is an essential requirement for support-based roles. Recognizing this, a Canadian telecom giant joined forces with HGS to elevate their contact center performance. As a long-standing solutions partner for this company, HGS has been instrumental in augmenting its customer support division.

HGS developed and implemented a customized AI platform tailored to enhance client efficiency. This innovative solution emerged from a small data-centered proof-of-concept sample, which yielded valuable insights. These insights allow for optimizing key performance indicators (KPIs) and enhancing top-line results, all while minimizing operational costs.

The centerpiece of this transformation is Agent X, a high-performing contact center solution designed to leverage generative AI in eight distinct and impactful ways:

  1. Call Analysis: AI algorithms help agents analyze incoming calls to retrieve information on their requirements or problems.
  2. Transcribing: Agent X successfully converts all the voice information into easily readable and searchable text transcriptions.
  3. Sentiment Tracking: Agent X categorizes both customer and agent sentiment, classifying experiences as positive, neutral, or negative.
  4. Agent Well-Being Check-ins: Throughout the day, Agent X prompts agents via desktop notifications, asking how they’re doing.
  5. Interaction Summaries: Quick and concise summaries of customer interactions are generated using ChatGPT.
  6. Topic Classification: Agent X classifies calls based on topics, such as “delivery issues” or “billing.”
  7. Upsell/Cross-Sell Tracking: The solution monitors upselling and cross-selling activities, identifying cases where agents pitch new services or upgrades to customers.
  8. Real-time reporting: Agent X offers real-time reports so that managers and team leads can take the necessary steps to keep their agents productive and happy.

The objective was to establish an operational model that consistently operates with greater speed, efficiency, reduced costs, and improved accuracy. By leveraging generative AI, HGS achieved these advantages and ensured they were measurable, quantifiable, and trackable. The outcome – an 89% increase in agent retention and an impressive 87% boost in cross-selling activities.

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