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INFOGRAPHIC: End-to-end Social Customer Care for a Leading Retailer

When there are millions of social media mentions to manage every year, the only approach to handling the sheer volume seamlessly is employing end-to-end customer care, brand building, and affinity solutions powered by AI, automation, analytics, and people with the right kind of expertise. HGS got the opportunity to provide that for a Fortune 10 retailer.

Business Challenges

The client receives more than 14 million social media mentions annually. Not all of the mentions require a response from the brand, but the business challenge stems from resource constraints that made it difficult to filter through the noise.

The client wanted their social media CX to mirror the friendliness of their neighborhood store and minimize any negative sentiments that can affect the company’s online reputation. Furthermore, their traditional social media efforts were fragmented across brand teams, and customer care was not optimized.

Solution Strategy

HGS collaborated with a leading social enterprise platform as well as with the client’s existing PR agency to provide the ultimate end-to-end social engagement solution. Together, they employed the right people, expertise, process, AI, automation, and analytics to address all of the obstacles that the client was facing.

End-to-end social care

HGS continually enhances the client’s online reputation and customer affinity and works diligently to recreate the customer’s in-store experience virtually.

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