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INFOGRAPHIC: Driving Positive Brand Sentiment with Technology

HGS was brought in as the community management partner of the world’s largest restaurant chain by revenue, tasked with overseeing both national and local social media presence for the brand. In less than three years, year-over-year productivity doubled, attributed to the integration of technology and AI.

Social Media Challenges of a Leading Food & Beverage (F&B) Corporation

Being the world’s largest quick-service restaurant (QSR) chain, the client garners over 4 million yearly mentions in the United States alone. Concurrently, there has been a notable increase in negative sentiment directed towards the brand, primarily stemming from unaddressed contact attempts through social media. This underscored the urgent need for a solution to enhance customer issue resolution and amplify positive brand interactions.

Solution Addressing the Business Challenges

HGS relied on a blend of technology, people, machine learning expertise, and process management to tackle the social media challenges faced by the client.

A dedicated team of full-time social care agents offers monitoring, engagement, and analytical insights on the company’s various social media channels. This team ensures round-the-clock support, spanning 18 hours every day, catering to both English- and Spanish-speaking customers.

HGS employed a three-pronged approach to address the client’s issues:

  1. Technology and machine learning: In collaboration with Sprinklr, its social media management partner, HGS uses training and machine learning to foster personalized engagement with customers and pinpoint issues requiring resolution. Through this approach, the technology consistently evolves through analyzing actions and decisions taken in response to each social media mention.
  2. Agent care: HGS developed a comprehensive playbook comprising rules of engagement, best practices, process and workflow, quality management program, case management and design, reporting and KPIs, ideal agent profile, and training modules. The social care agents underwent a rigorous four-week training to help foster positive brand sentiment.
  3. Crisis management: HGS utilizes rules-based routing and intelligent automation to prioritize the mentions according to context and keywords. This ensures efficient allocation to appropriate social care agents or internal teams, be it customer care, marketing, or PR.

Driving Positive Brand Sentiment with Technology

In addition to the 400% increase in productivity, response time increased by five times, and visibility of non-actionable posts increased by 20%.

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