Deepening Brand Loyalty

INFOGRAPHIC: Deepening Brand Loyalty for the World’s Leading Coffeehouse Chain

The fact that brand loyalty, which involves a long-term commitment to making repeat purchases of a specific brand or service, is not determined by price makes this metric a particularly powerful catalyst for generating profit and sustaining profitability.

HGS’s consistent delivery of high-quality care and insightful analytics amidst the post-pandemic economic uncertainty fueled brand strategies to cater successfully to an affluent, socially aware customer base of a Fortune 500 client and the world’s leading coffee house chain.

In 2019, the client turned to HGS for CX support that involves multichannel (email, social chat) customer care, sales through service, a help desk for the company’s app, complaints handling, and rewards/loyalty support for UK customers.

Business Objectives

In the past few years, the client had restructured and pivoted due to Brexit, new executive leadership, and changes in customers’ purchasing habits. Inevitably, store foot traffic had decreased with more people working from home; this meant website and app usage had simultaneously increased.

As the company explored its options behind the scenes, it was imperative to continue delivering an on-brand, high-quality CX, and, simultaneously, actively refining its positioning as a luxury brand.

Deepening Brand Loyalty for the World’s Leading Coffeehouse Chain

In 2022, the client authorized a three-year contract renewal with HGS. Furthermore, Statista survey reported that 24% of respondents considered themselves loyal customers of the brand—An estimated one in four people in the UK. HGS is proud to be a preferred partner and to play a role in sustaining that level of loyalty.

With brand loyalty comes marketing success. By increasing retention, customer satisfaction, and CLV, businesses are more likely to earn higher revenues.

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