Cultivating B2B Loyalty for a Dental Brand

INFOGRAPHIC: Cultivating B2B Loyalty for Dental Brand

Established brands seek and treasure customer loyalty, especially in the context of B2B relationships. So, when a renowned dental care brand was struggling to retain its hold amongst existing consumers, HGS with its comprehensive suite of solutions: contact center, back office, field sales support, and most importantly supply chain management solutions helped the brand maintain loyalty among professionals (dentists, orthodontists, and hygienists) who use and recommend the brand’s products.

Initially, HGS provided consumer-related services, but HGS has also helped shape the companies’ B2B services. The goal was to ensure consistent quality, accuracy, and problem-solving while staying within budget. While attainable, the solution was trickier than it seemed as it required not only introducing new products to professionals but also needed to strengthen the client’s brand value by building relationships with dental practices.

The deliverables were achieved by following this solutions strategy:

  1. Ensuring order flow;
  2. Retaining good agents;
  3. Managing workforce effectively;
  4. Staying within the budget;
  5. Making data-driven decisions;

INFOGRAPHIC: Cultivating B2B Loyalty for Dental Brand

The average quality score over the past 12 months (from 2022 to 2023) stands at 95%, and the team achieved an impressive 98% accuracy in adhering to the monthly budget. These metrics demonstrate the successful execution of the support services provided by HGS for the dental brand.

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