Conquering the world of modern CX

INFOGRAPHIC: Conquering The World of Modern CX

Decision-makers have started prioritizing AI adoption, including generative AI that consists of speech-to-text conversion, real-time agent assistance, automation, and customer-facing chatbots according to a new survey HGS conducted. The survey highlights that modern CX sensibilities demand the capitalization of AI-powered technology and that over the next 18 months, investments in customer-facing chatbots, generative AI, and robotic process automation are expected to strategically align with spending priorities.

The key findings of the CX Buyers’ Insights Report are:

  • There has been a poignant imbalance in investment between technology and talent. While tech adoption is high, investment in improving employee experience (EX) lags. Even though decision-makers recognize the importance of people in CX strategies, only a fraction are planning to prioritize talent development in the upcoming months.
  • Collaboration with industry partners is a must-have, with many engaging or planning to engage in outsourced CX services, especially in data storage, IT management, and call center operations. These partnerships aim to maintain a competitive edge in CX innovation.
  • The human touch remains crucial in CX despite technological advancements. Customer care teams are viewed as brand champions, and there’s recognition that AI should augment their capabilities rather than replace them. Regular training for employees and sophisticated knowledge management tools infused with AI capabilities are also considered essential for success.

Conquering the world of modern CX

The survey underscores the importance of a balanced approach between technology and talent in achieving world-class CX. Decision-makers must prioritize investments in both AI-driven innovation and the development and empowerment of their workforce to create exceptional customer experiences. Collaboration with industry partners and continuous training programs are identified as critical strategies for maintaining a competitive edge in the evolving landscape of CX. To read the full CX Buyers’ Insights Report, click here. 

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