INFOGRAPHIC: Accelerating the Process of Finding Backup Rental Cars

Car rental agencies in the U.S. have faced significant challenges when it came to securing replacement cars in the vicinity of breakdown locations. Agents typically spend extensive time and effort making numerous phone calls and conducting inquiries in pursuit of suitable substitutes for customers whose rented cars have encountered unexpected issues.

A customized messaging app for broken down rental cars

To make sure these situations do not repeat themselves in the future, a client turned to HGS to develop a customized messaging application that accelerates the task of helping stranded travelers. The application is capable of reaching out to all rental car locations in the notified area with a uniform request. Additionally, it can automatically compile and record vital information, like the rental contract number, customer name, car make and model (or car type), caller ID, and the requested location.

This critical information seamlessly integrates into a group message, complete with contact details for the follow-up team, who then initiates discussions regarding available options and other essential details with ease.

This custom messaging application has lessened the burden on support agents, reduced operational costs, and increased the speed at which help is delivered by orchestrating concurrent communication across all car rental agencies in the concerned area.

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