I build for the future - Episode 1

I Build for the Future – Episode 1

HGS is a global leader in optimizing the customer experience lifecycle, digital transformation, and business process management. We’ve even got our very own contact center AI software, Agent X, helping to improve productivity and empower call center agents. With over 21,600 employees across 38 delivery centers throughout the world, we help our customers build for the future. In this series, I Build for the Future, we get the opportunity to sit down with our talented experts from around the globe, highlighting their achievements, understanding their challenges, and digging deeper into their insights in their role at HGS.

In this edition, we got to sit down with Raju Mahantesh, Director of Product Engineering for HGS Agent X. Based in Austin, Texas, Raju recently joined HGS with over 15 years of delivery experience. He was an avid follower of HGS and, impressed by the culture, decided to finally join the team. Though no longer in the gaming world (his former industry of choice), Raju likes to spend his time finding new ways to deliver and innovate.

Since joining, he’s been making a positive impact on the Agent X product, working with internal and external stakeholders to build a product that helps customers become future-proof.

As Director of Engineering, Raju follows three principles that help him build for the future:

  • Constant learning and innovation
  • Adapting and implementing new technologies
  • Demonstrating value, addition, and transformation through technology

Learn more about Raju and why he builds for the future in the video below.

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