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How to Unify Disjointed CX Systems with Customer 360 Experience

Keeping track of a customer’s journey across multiple channels and devices is one of the biggest challenges that the CX industry faces. The disjointed experience drives a huge gap in the customer journey.

Filling the Gaps in the CX Industry

It is critical to have all customer information in one place to create a unified solution for B2B businesses. All the customer touch points can be compiled into a single profile giving a “360° view” and serves the customer in the best possible way. Businesses that capture the digital trail of a customer have a clear understanding of their audience’s needs and are able to deliver a memorable and personalized customer experience, earning their loyalty and praise.

The Importance of a 360 View on a Single Platform

A majority of consumers today are influenced by reviews and endorsements. These factors play a significant role in the purchasing decision. A positive endorsement is only likely with a positive customer experience with the brand. Whether the customer is inquiring about a product, or making a purchase or return, the interaction with the brand must be seamless. A 360-degree viewpoint shows everything from the past to the future of a customer’s relationship with a brand and offers unparalleled benefits to an organization including:

Cross-Departmental Customer Alignment

A platform that has aggregated customer data and synced through different departments can serve as a strong knowledge base used to optimize the customer experience regardless of the medium.

Predictive Analysis

A 360-view captures interactions with every customer and analyzes their behavior and activity patterns. Businesses can map out an outcome for each event and create personalized experiences by anticipating customer needs and pain points. This data can also identify potential cross-sell or upsell opportunities.

Customer Intelligence

It is helpful when looking at broader trends and user responses if behavioral information is added to the demographic knowledge. This comprehensive process of collecting data allows for persona planning that is more fine-tuned. In other words, it is better to use data that can provide valuable customer insights.

Cost Reduction

For marketing campaigns to be fool-proof, they need to be more data-driven. Businesses should avoid spending money on campaigns that are bound to fall flat. A customer 360 view gives improved visibility into customers and allows for better segmentation. Because investments have to be made according to the type of customer (recent customer vs. prospective customer), a better segmentation will help the business allocate the appropriate amount of money hence reducing costs in the long run.

Customer Loyalty

As customer endorsements weigh heavily on purchasing decisions, everything boils down to the ability of businesses to deliver positive customer experiences. It is a key brand differentiator versus price and product.

Achieving a Customer 360 View

The IT industry needs solutions that will reduce integration time for larger applications, automate business processes, and have the capability to handle bigger and more complex integrations. Contact center solutions like HGS Agent X are proven to significantly expand customer communications through open APIs with multiple channels and contact center AI software. By achieving a true 360-degree view companies are ensuring:

  • A single dashboard display of all information (past, present, and future)
  • Omnichannel support from a single, secure, and customizable platform
  • AI-powered analytics that pulls in disparate data from the Customer Data Platform (CDP) t
  • Natural Language Processing (NLP) and speech analytics to automate the summarization process
  • Compiled information with innovative Robotic Process Automation (RPA)
  • Automated tasks and optimized operational efficiency
  • Distributed business-critical information among agents
  • An augmented overall customer experience by reducing room for human error

Any implementation can seamlessly integrate into a brand’s existing ecosystem. Cloud-based solutions like Agent X offer unmatched flexibility and scalability, addressing all critical contact center challenges.

The IT industry is in a position to lead and deliver digital transformations. This is the moment for businesses to achieve a customer 360 view and quickly deliver positive, personalized customer experiences. Increasing the speed of integrations while minimizing the need for IT resources is key to being ahead of the competition.

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