How do I leverage data for better customer experience?

Consumers are providing brands with more personal data than ever before.  However, thanks to organizational data silos, an inability to integrate data from a growing number of channels and sources and an increasingly complex data landscape, many brands are struggling to mine the gold that comes from customer data. Understanding these challenges and overcoming them is the key to success of improvements in CX.

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In this third article in the “Digital RX for CX” series that focuses on solving contact center pain points, Yasim Kolathayil, Vice President, Data and Insights, HGS Digital, shares his insights on why the time is now for contact centers to design a dynamic data foundation and leverage insights for better customer experience.

What is driving today’s focus on data analytics in contact centers?

If you look at the contact center industry broadly, customers are interacting in multiple channels including voice, email, chat, and social media.  A recent Forrester study revealed that data is collected across six touch points and stored on an average of 5.5 channels. With data coming from these disparate channels, someone needs to analyze and aggregate data to obtain a 360-degree view of the customer.  Additionally, many contact centers have siloed systems and don’t have the capability or skillsets to perform that integration. As a result, contact center leaders are struggling to get that unified view of the customer which is a big pain point.  This issue is also highlighted in the recent survey by CX Network.

What top three steps can contact centers take now to better leverage data analytics?

While there is no magic bullet to quickly solve this challenge, there are steps contact centers can take to improve decision making based on customer insights.  First, start small, and identify a specific pain point you’re trying to resolve.  Second, be forward thinking. Too often, there is resistance to embracing new solutions such as the Cloud or Contact Center AI.  It is essential that contact center leaders be open to trying new technologies. Third, measure and track success to generate true ROI.  It’s essential to track ROI to justify investments.  Start small, embrace new technologies and really figure out a way to measure the ROI.  With these three steps, you can generate an initial successful use case and build from there.

Key takeaway

Start small by identifying one key pain points to resolve, embrace new technologies and really figure out a way to measure the ROI.

The HGS Digital differentiator

At HGS Digital, customer experience is in our DNA. We serve over 40 clients across different verticals including telecom, financial services, and healthcare to name a few. We deeply understand contact center pain points and have real-world solutions to address them. Our industry-leading experts possess the expertise to successfully implement digital solutions that demonstrate real ROI.  We also offer a number of accelerators from pre-defined AI models to dashboards that can fast track a contact center’s development timeframe.

Best HGS Digital Advice 

This is a strategic and complex issue with no quick fix.  However, contact centers can add real value to their performance by choosing a specific use case or paint point to resolve, identifying the right partner with the right expertise and skillsets and lastly measuring ROI to demonstrate the success of the data analytics initiative.

Need to define a dynamic data strategy for your contact center? Contact an HGS Digital expert to learn how you can leverage data analytics to improve customer experience and drive revenue. 

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