HGS Agent X - contact center solution

HGS Agent X – A Game-Changing Contact Center Accelerator

HGS’s vision for personalized customer experience is a holistic one that combines both virtual and human interactions. While the virtual interactions happen through virtual agents and self-service, the human interactions are realized through the human agents and the support team.

HGS Agent X is a cloud-based contact center AI accelerator that allows enterprises to quickly deploy scalable and flexible contact centers. This tech-agnostic interface that is powered by Artificial Intelligence (AI) offers over 300 out-of-the-box integrations and highly customizable solutions that are secure and scalable. HGS Agent X has a programmable API framework and provides fully managed support.

A single pane of glass that helps get the right answer fast

With the complexity of today’s customer service, modern contact center AI software and accelerators like HGS Agent X significantly simplify customer interactions and ramp up ROI. HGS Agent X works as a great solution for agents, helping them respond faster and intelligently, eliminating the need to perform repetitive tasks by implementing automation. Not only does this reduce the average handling time by quickly helping the agents find the right solutions via real-time assistance, but it also reduces the after-call work (ACW) through session summary notes powered by speech analytics that compile all the conversations that the agents have with the customers. HGS Agent X - A Single Pane of Glass The unified view can be described as ‘A Single Pane of Glass’ containing customer information and history, fostering knowledge sharing and collaboration. Overall, the real-time assist capability of the HGS Agent X reduces the learning curve of agents (especially during agent onboarding), making it a hassle-free experience for them. Because HGS Agent X is a cloud-based secure solution, agents can have the flexibility of working from anywhere. All these features positively benefit the agents, and as a result, agent attrition is lower.

Apart from being an excellent tool for agents, HGS Agent X creates a positive frictionless experience for customers by proactively anticipating customer requirements and needs and quickly coming up with personalized solutions for their problems. As a result, call durations and hold times are lower.

Agent X also includes sentiment analysis that enables the calls to be escalated based on the sentiment of the customers. Overall, HGS Agent X, as a contact center accelerator, helps maintain a positive brand sentiment. It helps businesses by improving operational efficiency and supporting customer representatives across various channels.

Key features of HGS Agent X

HGS Agent X Features 1. Omnichannel SupportIf a customer has to or wants to switch from one communication channel to another, they should be able to do so with ease without breaking the context of the communication. Omnichannel customer communication enables customers to have a wide range of options when they need to reach out to a business. This includes social media, emails, live chats, calls, and websites. HGS Agent X delivers omnichannel support from a single platform.

2. Intelligent Automation – Automating the tasks or processes that can be automated reduces the workload on the agents significantly. Intelligent automation, one of the key features of HGS Agent X, leverages Robotic Process Automation (RPA) to automate workflow, tasks, agent training, quality, and reporting. Smart Actions and Intelligent Automaton

Agents can submit details in one location so that the technology can make all the updates for them. Smart actions like these reduce agent cognitive load and reduce the average handling time. As a result, customers receive faster resolution and the need for repeat calls is less.

3. Cloud Infrastructure – Having a cloud-based contact center interface enables easy management from anywhere as well as the flexibility to scale and meet both immediate and evolving business requirements. The flexibility allows for a consistent experience.

4. Customer 360 View One of the biggest frustrations for any customer is having to repeatedly share the same issue across multiple channels with different customer service representatives. HGS Agent X solves this issue with its simple and easy-to-understand customer 360 view that provides agents with all the necessary details in one place and helps them to resolve a customer’s query without troubling them for the same information. It streamlines the agent workflow and collaboration and customer interactions.

5. Real-time AI-powered Agent Assist – The AI-powered Agent Assist and automation tools in HGS Agent X help the agents at the contact center automate all repetitive tasks and improve their efficiency and experience. HGS Agent X - Agent Assist Details such as product or service information, customer sentiment, demographic, status, etc., are readily available to the agents so that they can offer tailored solutions to the customers. In the process, the agent handling time becomes much lower through these real-time AI-driven suggestions integrated with contextual and behavioral information.

6. Intelligent Voice Assistant (IVA) –IVAs aid agents in cross-selling and upselling to potential prospects through recommendations. A variety of automated operations, such as balance verification, order placements, and responses to initial inquiries, are performed using chatbots and virtual agents with AI capabilities.

Upsell and Cross-selling

7. Smart Consult via Screen Share – The two-way Smart Consult co-browsing and screen sharing functionality of the HGS Agent X is a great visual tool to troubleshoot collaboratively with customers. This allows agents to have a better understanding of the customers’ issues and quickly provide them with the appropriate resolution.

HGS Agent X Co-browsing

8. AI-based Real-time Sentiment and Customer Insights – To have a more effective and meaningful conversation with their customer, brands consider the customer’s history, pick up on nonverbal cues and tone of voice, and have an implied understanding of the customer’s goals by allowing technology to supplement real-time insights. HGS Agent X facilitates this and helps deliver a memorable and positive customer experience.

HGS Agent X Sentiment analysis and customer insights

9. Analytics and Insights for Quality Assurance – Defining and automating the tracking of key performance indicators (KPIs) is critical to the success of a contact center. Tapping into the insights obtained from analytics ensures top-notch CX on a consistent basis. HGS Agent X - Analytics and Insights for Quality Assurance HGS Agent X’s ready-to-use analytics dashboards monitor performances at an agent level, team lead level, and organization level. The dashboards are updated in real-time, thereby improving operational efficiency, quality, and workforce management.

10. Smart Agent Knowledge Base Regular agent training is an effective way to get them well-prepared for handling all kinds of customer issues. HGS Agent X’s smart knowledge management capabilities take it a step further through its distribution of business-critical information among agents in real-time, enabling quick agent training and onboarding.

HGS Agent X - Smart Agent Knowledge Base

Self-learning is also easy with the interactive Knowledge Base and Ask Colleague features. While agents can choose to manually search for articles, browse topics, or submit articles, the Knowledge Base can also act as a strong co-pilot to the agents by automatically suggesting relevant articles during calls.

HGS Agent X helps businesses sift through omnichannel, AI, automation, and other CX requirements. It optimizes the most valuable asset (agents) with a streamlined, unified solution, empowering their performance, which in turn, leads to a differentiated customer experience.

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