HGS Achieves CCA Global Accreditation for Customer Experience Excellence

The accreditation cements HGS UK’s commitment to providing exceptional customer experiences and sets a new benchmark for customer service excellence. 

Attaining any industry certification and accreditation is no easy feat. It can take endless hours of commitment to ensure that your organisation holds up to the typically rigorous standards set forth and usually is spearheaded by several individuals. For over 20 years, CCA (Customer Contact Association) Global Accreditation has created and set industry standards for the contact center industry and those with their horizons set on achieving service excellence.

HGS achieves CCA Global Accreditation

HGS, known for its deep dedication to being a top-tier service provider operating on a global level with four decades of experience working with some of the world’s most popular brands, recently achieved CCA Global Accreditation. The achievement reflects the company’s dedicated to providing exceptional service and advancing industry knowledge, further showcasing their dedication to making customer excellence their top priority.

Embracing Digital Transformation

HGS embarked on the accreditation journey starting in mid 2023, placing digital customer experience as the guiding light to their mission. This strategic shift has allowed them to adapt to the evolving needs of customers in an increasingly digital world. As active leaders helping to shape the future of the CX industry, they’ve fostered a collaborative and engaging work environment for their client base, helping to deliver exceptional service, which, in turn, translates to satisfied customers.

The Future of Customer Excellence

While concurrently working towards the goal of accreditation, HGS supported a robust agenda in 2023, partnering with CCA Global on a research paper, and an industry-focused webinar, where they explore how to better support and motivate agents, streamlines processes to reduce customer frustration, and harness the power of data for more informed decision-making. Additionally, HGS has supported two other research opportunities focusing on talent retention and attraction, as well as the future of CX.

A team of HGS UK experts, including Raj Mistry, Head of HGS UK’s Private Sector, Mark Wilds, HGS UK Data Protection Officer, and Rachel Orton, HGS UK Service Governance Lead, spearheaded these initiatives that led to HGS’ attainment of CCA Global Accreditation. Their visionary leadership and personal commitments to CX excellence were the driving forces behind the achievement, sharing invaluable guidance to the organisation as it embarked on the accreditation journey. Their deep understanding of customer service trends, technologies, and best practices ensured that HGS was well-prepared to meet the stringent standards set by CCA Global. Inspiring and mobilising the entire HGS UK team, instilling a culture of continuous improvement, and a relentless focus on top-tier delivery, certainly thrust HGS into the spotlight of accreditation.

With the combined efforts in play, and a strong demonstration of commitment in CX excellence well underway for decades now, CCA Global Accreditation was achieved.

CCA Global Accreditation is independently reviewed and benchmarked for more than 40 business areas, including strategy, business policy, customer focus, employee engagement, corporate security, risk management, business performance and more.

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