Elevating NPS with Speech Analytics

INFOGRAPHIC: Elevate NPS Scores with Speech Analytics

Because of all the customer insight that it holds, a contact center can be viewed as the ultimate customer experience hub. But how can one best leverage those insights to improve the customer experience (CX) and consequentially elevate the NPS scores of a contact center?

The power of advanced speech analytics in contact centers

Below are some of the key methods that can enhance CX from the perspective of speech analytics.

  1. Predict NPS, C-SAT, and CES scores from every interaction.

Speech analytics makes it possible to carry out targeted root-cause analysis, therefore identifying the various triggers for good, bad, and indifferent Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Satisfaction (C-SAT), or Customer Effort Score (CES) scores. It can also help accurately predict these scores, meaning it can predict customers’ reactions to agent actions. This can help guide the agents in real-time to the best course of action.

  1. Identify customers at risk of churning.

The comprehensive root-cause analysis performed as a result of speech analytics gives organizations the opportunity to come up with effective solutions to best address these potential churn drivers and improve customer retention. The agents have access to the information they need to deliver a successful outcome, significantly increasing the lifetime value of a customer (LVC).

  1. Have an omnichannel view of the customer journey.

Analyzing every customer interaction across all channels with a single analytics platform with an omnichannel view helps agents understand the channel preferences of customers and expected response times, thus helping organizations provide the right resources to meet those requirements.

  1. Combine unsolicited and solicited feedback from customers

While most organizations have a dedicated program to capture solicited feedback from customers, speech analytics help to gain unsolicited insights by analyzing 100% of the conversations with the customers. This combination includes the true Voice of the Customer (VOC).

  1. Sentiment analysis to transform a negative interaction into a positive one

Speech analytics can identify words, phrases, and tones that demonstrate when a customer is happy or unhappy, as well as determine the triggers. Armed with this insight, agents can adjust their responses and solutions accordingly and in real time. Furthermore, post-call analysis makes it possible to implement best practices.

  1. Listening

Listening is critical to creating a powerful, positive customer experience that will give a major competitive edge. Using speech analytics, it is possible to measure each agent’s listening ability. Real-time analytics can guide agents to use active listening on every call.

How HGS integrated speech analytics to unlock customer insights

Case Study_30% increase in NPS scores with speech analytics

The above case study demonstrates how HGS was able to help their clients witness a 30% boost in their NPS scores using speech analytics. The client was able to standardize and streamline agent workflow.

The advanced speech analytics-integrated solution delivered by HGS meaningfully increased profitability and agent satisfaction and led to significantly higher grades on the CX metrics. It is a testament to the game-changing capabilities that speech analytics brings to contact centers.

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