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INFOGRAPHIC: Data-Driven Insights from Modern CX Decision Makers

Serving top-tier modern CX is all about achieving the balance between technology and talent by reengineering processes. It is about meeting the customers’ needs and anticipation while appreciating and understanding the power of the company’s bottom line.

With the advent of newer and more impressive technology, the way companies do things today has evolved from when, a couple of years ago, the dependence on people for almost all processes was higher.

The challenge lies in deciding where to invest the time, energy, and capital in the reengineering process. HGS wanted to identify technology deployment and investment priorities over the next 18 months.

The objective is to explore how companies are maintaining the right balance between talent and technology to improve CX and identify the areas where they are relying on consultative services. There were three notable findings:

  1. CX decision-makers are betting big on Artificial Intelligence (AI)
  2. Spending on automation technology for CX is a top priority, and spending to improve Employee Experience (EX) is lagging
  3. Companies are engaging with industry partners to achieve customer-centric organizational cultures

CX Buyers' Insights Infographic

The key takeaway is ultimately that while investment in CX technology can make a huge difference, an organization’s mindset is, however, even more important. Implementing the latest trends in tech is useless without employees who know how to use it, which is perhaps why a majority of CX decision-makers consider regularly updating training programs a top priority. Read the entire CX Buyers’ Insights Report.

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