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HGS Digital Partners with Twilio to Deliver Innovative Cloud Contact Center Services

HGS Digital is partnering with Twilio, the leading cloud communications and customer engagement platform to utilize Twilio’s technology in building fast, flexible, best-in-class customer service experiences powered by contact center AI

HGS Digital’s process excellence and systems integration experience coupled with Twilio’s proprietary building blocks in cloud computing create a unique ability for the two companies to build messaging, voice, and video in web and mobile applications for advanced customer experiences. 

“We are thrilled to be partnering with HGS Digital in their efforts to create core capabilities for their customers that integrate into Twilio Flex to enable fast and trusted deployments. We’re also glad to see partners that work to build analytics and database integrations into Flex to meet customer requirements.  We’re anxious to work with HGS Digital to help customers realize the greatest possible value out of their Twilio investment” said Glenn Weinstein, Chief Customer Officer, Twilio.

Businesses using the combined innovations of HGS Digital and Twilio benefit from:

  • An omnichannel platform implemented by a managed service partner with deep process and domain expertise
  • Bringing together component subsystems and workflows into one unified system

Power up your customer experience (CX) ecosystem with a simplified and unified technology solution – HGS Agent X.

“We’re thrilled to work with Twilio delivering the innovative, easy to use, cloud platform modern consumers demand,” said Venkatesh Korla, HGS Digital CEO. “Twilio’s capabilities really allow for the flexibility and rapid deployment today’s customers need.”

Through this partnership, Twilio will help HGS Digital clients implement new cloud solutions for modern customer service and contact center interactions. Clients in the HGS Digital ecosystem have long benefitted from its expertise in technology-powered services in automation, analytics, and digital, combined with thorough domain expertise. Now, these clients will experience the benefits of Twilio technologies as well. 

To explore more about HGS and Twilio’s partnership, check out https://www.hgsdigital.com/technology-partners/twilio.