7 Ways ChatGPT Enhances the Performance of Contact Center Agents

7 Ways ChatGPT Enhances the Performance of Contact Center Agents

Contact center agents are often considered to be circus acts in the vein of jugglers. They multi-task a myriad of jobs simultaneously and often, their responsibility is not just restricted to attending calls or chat requests. It also involves successfully resolving the wide range of doubts and queries that keep pouring from the customers’ end. The generative AI tool named ChatGPT, through its various capabilities, can change the professional lives of contact center agents for the better.

How can contact center agents improve their performance through ChatGPT?

OpenAI’s ChatGPT is a state-of-the-art generative AI (Artificial Intelligence) model or tool that can comprehend and generate human-like responses for a broad spectrum of questions and problem statements.

The COVID-19 era placed contact center agents at the epicenter of most triumphant digital transactions/businesses that took place across the globe.

Even though many contact centers all around the world have restored their original momentum post-pandemic, agents are still struggling to meet the rapidly evolving needs of present-day customers. ChatGPT with its huge database of case studies, ability to understand prompts and offer human-like responses, can enhance the performance of agents in a number of ways including:

  1. Automating tasks: ChatGPT can respond to frequently asked questions (FAQs) and probable inquiries at any point in time. Most new customers have similar kinds of queries. Since contact center agents have to deal with a large volume of calls daily, ChatGPT can help by automating responses. In addition to this, ChatGPT can also be trained to carry out tasks such as email writing, writing promotional messages with a similar tone and style, and crafting personalized messages for an empathetic outreach.
  2. Offering behavioral analysis: ChatGPT can imitate human-like responses because it is trained to analyze human behavior through their conversations. It can study and conclude the tone or sentiment behind a not-so-frequently asked question. Agents can make the most of this trait by crafting responses that directly address the customer’s plight, follow it up with effective solutions, and eventually build a positive customer experience.
  3. Ensuring extended availability: Unlike humans, ChatGPT does not feel the need to rest, feed, or go for pee breaks. Expecting customer support from human agents at odd hours is not only impractical but unfair, too. This is when ChatGPT can come to the agents’ rescue. ChatGPT is modeled on large amounts of data and keeps updating itself with diverse case scenarios. and can easily handle a request in the absence of a human agent – offering support at any time of the day.
  4. Providing soft skills training: Contact center agents can upgrade themselves by improving in areas that ChatGPT knows best. For instance, agents can use ChatGPT to craft clear and concise responses. Agents can use ChatGPT to improve their writing through frequent grammar and readability checks. Also, ChatGPT can help agents to come up with articulately framed responses to ensure high-quality professional interactions.
  5. Suggesting new and effective solutions for tricky scenarios: The best part of ChatGPT is it can train and update itself with new scenarios. So, when an agent is responding to a new or somewhat peculiar type of issue, ChatGPT can search its database to find the best possible solution for that situation. This way agents can achieve smoother workflows without feeling anxious or stressed.
  6. Language translations: ChatGPT can learn multiple languages in a finite span of time. This feature will help agents facilitate interruption-free conversations and enable support to people from regions that converse in languages other than English. This feature is great for customer retention as agents can assist the customer in their chosen language of communication.
  7. Supporting omnichannel communications: ChatGPT can help contact center agents provide consistent CX delivery across different channels like email, social media, live chat, calls, etc. Since agents have to juggle multiple requests at a singular point in time, crafting appropriate and grammatically sound responses can become a bit of a task. When agents have such time constraints, they can leverage ChatGPT’s capabilities to recognize and produce human-like texts to ease communication and ensure smooth interactions on all channels.

ChatGPT’s AI is more advanced than traditional chatbots

ChatGPT brings more to the table than its predecessors did. Unlike traditional bots, ChatGPT can grasp new information and learn new languages. Its ability to offer dynamic responses will prove to be a huge boon for the customer support industry. Also, whenever ChatGPT completely takes over regular and mundane tasks, contact center agents will get the opportunity to expand their skill set and contribute more to the strategic and creative aspects of their job.

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