2023 Buyers’ Insights Report

HGS recently commissioned a Wakefield Research study that surveyed 300 U.S. customer experience decision-makers at companies with at least 500 employees. This new research highlights the change management challenges many companies face in today’s modern CX landscape.

We set out to identify technology deployment and investment priorities over the next 18 months with a goal of understanding how companies are striking the right balance between talent and technology. Additionally, we wanted to identify areas where companies are looking to consultative partners to optimize CX services.

We discovered three key findings from the survey data about CX decision makers who are focused on creating positive customer experiences:

  • CX decision makers are betting big on artificial intelligence.
  • Spending on automation technology for CX is a top priority and spending to improve employee experience (EX) is lagging.
  • Companies are engaging with industry partners to achieve customer-centric organizational cultures.

When it comes to deploying CX solutions, decision makers are betting big on AI. 58% of respondents are committed to deploying some AI tech over the next 18 months. The most common CX-related technologies already deployed include data analytics tools for contact center team leads, digital support for omnichannel customer interactions, and dynamic knowledge bases for agent access to learning tools.

The results of the study suggest that CX decision makers are not providing their people with the tools they need to succeed. While technology spending to automate CX is a top priority, investments in keeping CX employees happy and motivated is lagging. Only 18% list talent as a top CX priority in the coming 18 months.

Building a cost-effective customer-centric organizational approach means leveraging a global talent pool. To do that, companies are looking to engage with industry partners around the globe. Popular contact center locations include Central and South America, Africa, India, and the Philippines.

In this report, we break down each key finding in greater detail supported by statistical evidence and provide a glimpse into the future. In the coming 18 months, organizations will deploy customer-facing chatbots (37%), generative AI or speech-to-text real-time agent assist (30%), and robotic process automation (28%).

With the rapid advancements in generative AI and contact center automation, companies are already operating much differently than they did a couple of years ago. It is critical to work with trusted partners like HGS to focus on the intricacies of implementing tools and technologies to improve the customer experience.

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