Customer experiences, business process optimization, and digital transformation

Customer Data Platform

How to measure the performance of a Customer Data Platform

The true value of a Customer Data Platform depends on how it is used, and by handling it with a customer-centric mindset, businesses can maximize their returns.

Thought leaders HGS

HGS adding value as thought leaders

We’re not into doing things just for glitz and glamour, we’ve got the size and scale to go as big as the sky allows, but we really are focused on success and getting results for our clients in a way that benefits them entirely.

Contact center skills

What are the top contact center skills for agents and managers?

We have rounded up the top contact center skills that agents and managers must cultivate to ensure a smooth-running process.

Contact centers are revenue centers

What transforms contact centers into growth centers?

There are several ways to drive revenue from contact centers instead of finding reasons to hack away at potential investment opportunities in this area.

Customer experience goals

The top 5 customer experience goals to set for your business

We have put together a comprehensive list of the top customer experience goals that you can set for your business and fast-track success.

contact center agent training

How knowledge base tools boost contact center agent training

While traditional agent training methods are important, knowledge management tools can ease contact center agent training and onboarding.

Remote working agent productivity

How to improve agent productivity during remote working

There’s a whole new playbook being adopted with a notable focus on agent productivity in remote working and hybrid working environments.

ChatGPT explained: What are its benefits and limitations?

The latest development and buzz around ChatGPT has certainly made it a potential major player in the world of NLP. Learn more about this text-based AI tool.

Image of an older couple looking at their finances and feeling vulnerable

CX technology for supporting the UK’s most vulnerable customers

Today’s stressors have forced contact centres in the UK to reevaluate their IT solutions for vulnerable customers. An HGS technology arc (architecture roadmap) that features a people-first, CX platform (such as one by MaxContact) can help advisers relax and focus to better connect with high-needs customers now and as their needs evolve or dissipate.

contact center automation

How to ramp up VoC programs with AI and contact center automation?

AI works in conjunction with contact center automation to provide valuable insights into VoC analysis. Learn about how you can ramp up your VoC program.

HGS Everest Pledge

HGS joins the Everest Group pledge

HGS is thrilled to publicly commit to the Everest pledge in its endeavor to double the number of impact sourcing workers by 2026.

Omnichannel CX

The significance of omnichannel CX in business

Omnichannel CX gives consumers the option to engage with the business through their preferred channels without inconsistencies throughout the interaction.

Addressing the needs of vulnerable customers: HGS’ inclusive contact centre solution

We have partnered with several different organisations in industries including financial services, government services and utilities, to provide support for vulnerable customers. Our expert team handle contacts from people across all walks of life. Many of our contacts are from people facing hardships and who are financially vulnerable. It’s our job to provide them with the advice and care they need, using contact centre channels that are accessible.

Autonomous CX vs. CX Automation

What is autonomous CX – Is it different from CX automation?

The customer service industry is notably progressing from adopting CX automation to autonomous CX.

Employee experience

5 Ways Rewarding Employee Experience Improves CX

As per research, companies that provide better employee experiences are able to deliver better CX as compared to their competitors.

LeanOps Assessment

Estimate ROI and automation benefits with a LeanOps Assessment

It is strongly recommended to estimate the ROI and automation benefits before implementing automation. Learn more about LeanOps Assessment.

HGS Agent X - contact center solution

HGS Agent X – A game-changing contact center software

HGS Agent X is an AI-powered cloud contact center software that allows enterprises to quickly deploy scalable and flexible contact centers.

I build for the future - Episode 1

I Build for the Future – Episode 1

In this edition, we got to sit down with Raju Mahantesh, Director of Product Engineering for HGS Agent X. Based in Austin, Texas, Raju recently joined HGS with over 15 years of delivery experience.

Game-changing contact center solution

The need for a game-changing contact center software

The right customer center software will drive sales and customer service teams and facilitate personalized and real-time conversations with customers, but it’s important to understand what’s at stake and why CX is so important.

ISO Recertification

HGS continues ISO 9001:2015 and ISO 27001:2013 certifications

HGS successfully passed the ISO recertification audit under the One-HGS scope without any non-conformities.

Improve contact center productivity

8 ways HGS Agent X can improve contact center productivity

Strong control over agent performance boosts customer engagements and business revenues. Learn how you can improve contact center productivity with HGS Agent X.

Hola, Bonjour, Guten Tag…

One of my regrets is not continuing with my French post first year of university, or any other language for that matter. I’m in awe of my multi-lingual friends and colleagues who have the ability to switch between their mother-tongue and English with ease. That is why I am very excited about our new partnership with ChatLingual where a conversation in any language can be translated, responded to and resolved by an English speaking agent.

gamification drives success in business

4 innovative ways gamification drives success in business

Gamification introduces dynamic ways to get employees excited and motivated about their work boosting productivity and ensuring they are on top of their game.

measuring productivity in contact centers

Measuring contact center productivity with HGS Agent X

Operational efficiency and productivity are easily achievable with the help of tried-and-tested improvements offered by contact center solutions.