Business Process Optimization

B2B sales support

Save up to 20% in administrative time for sales staff

Organizations worldwide grapple with better ways to sell, while efficiently managing limited feet-on-the-street resources. The biggest challenge faced by in-field sales teams is that they’re mired with mundane, repetitive requests; time that can be better utilized in cultivating fruitful business relationships.

For more than 20 years, HGS sales support specialists have proven to save sales representatives time and businesses money, while contributing to increased revenue generation.

HGS provides dedicated support to teams of sales representatives by anticipating their ongoing needs, understanding their budget constraints, and supporting growing business objectives.

With a multichannel approach and client system integration capabilities, the specialists use technology to optimize customer engagement through preempting demand, data-backed reports, and marketing outreach programs. Working with cross-functional teams, they are able to create standard operating procedures to ensure a high level of consistency in sales processes and pipelines.

The HGS advantage


20 years of proven success


Capacity to fulfill both long-term and temporary projects


Ongoing training, leadership, and development opportunities

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Value benefits

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Better sales targeting

HGS sales support helps businesses meet – and even exceed – their sales targets by optimizing Salesforce tool adoption, improving data accuracy, implementing better content management, and leveraging cross-sell and upsell opportunities.

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Accelerated marketing programs

An aggressive marketing plan that includes training field sales teams on marketing program guidelines and platforms, performing model testing, and providing key deadlines ensures better program compliance.

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Improved program admin and training

Sales support specialists use their in-depth experience and knowledge to deliver hands-on training assistance to the sales teams on company programs, policies, and technology, thereby helping them be more efficient in the field.

Improved efficiency and visibility

Real-time standard or ad hoc sales management reports related to supply management, sales analysis, and customer information provide all the ammunition needed for the sales team to deliver above and beyond their targets.

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The HGS effect

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Less time

Reduction in administrative time for sales staff

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More time

More feet-on-the-street time for sales representatives

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Increased customer and employee satisfaction

Proven success engagement for a global B2B company

An 800+ field sales force struggled to complete administrative responsibilities while maintaining and growing customer relationships.

HGS sales support specialists:

  • Increased customer growth by giving sales reps back 8-10 hours of selling time each week
  • Provided consistent reporting from company systems on an ongoing basis
  • Streamlined processes by creating and implementing standard operating procedures
  • Reduced onboarding time to proficiency using custom training