HGS UK Win Prestigious ‘Trailblazer’ Award At Nice Interactions Conference ’23 – London!

Patrick Elliott, HGS UK’s CEO is joined by Mark Busuttil, Mark Hooper, Doreen Campbell, and Ian Birch as they pick up this well-earned award for impressive innovation and people-focused initiatives in partnership with NICE.

In a recent visit to the ‘CX in the city – NICE interactions’ conference in NYC, Our HGS UK Director of Operational Excellence, Mark Busuttil delivered as a keynote speaker. Mark was able to quantify and celebrate the added value which the NICE suite of CX products adopted by HGS are adding to our business.

Mark concentrated his talk on the importance of focusing on how HGS UK have been able to maximise many benefits by integrating key NICE products which service three specific areas, WFM (which delivers planning, scheduling through to service delivery), EEM (which is a mobile app that allows agents to self-serve their own schedules, and manage their availability) and QC (a quality management platform which delivers rigour and structure to our quality programme).

Fast forward to London, 20th June 2023 and the NICE Interactions ’23 conference and awards event. Tonight, we see Mark Busuttil and his team pick up the prestigious ‘Trailblazer award’ for the innovation and people-centred benefits which have been delivered.

The award was received by Mark Busuttil and his team, Doreen Campbell and Ian Birch and also by Patrick Elliott (CEO) and also Mark Hooper (CFO) (pictured).

In a first such achievement between NICE and any of their partner’s, HGS UK have impressively innovated in this space to have WFM, EEM and NICE Quality Central connect seamlessly with each other. This unique achievement ensures a greatly improved service and user experience to agents and front-line leaders in HGS UK and has opened up numerous time and cost efficiencies.

The Trailblazer award underlines how HGS UK have showcased their innovative work in how WFM feeds QC, while agent data groups identify underperformance and EEM’s self-service feature enables agents to self-service schedules and offers targeted coaching, all automated.

This highly progressive work also delivers other benefits such as empowering agents to self-serve their own success, supporting Team Leaders in delivering consistently improved performance outcomes, reduced email volumes in our real time team and improved agent wellbeing.

Mark Busuttil notes that “It is great to recognised in the industry for our trailblazing efforts. This award underpins that HGS UK are a gutsy innovator and have proven that in a short space of time, working in the right way and with solid partnerships, we can make a real difference to our people, and that our people are central to our success. Also, the use of these tools becomes fundamental in the HGS mission to become the recognised digital CX leader. The benefits to our clients are seen in increased operational efficiencies and improved employee engagement, ultimately meaning that our clients experience cost benefits, potential revenue growth and the potential to improve their customer experience and loyalty outcomes”.

Doreen Campbell (Head of Quality) commented, “We can use these initiatives to reduce effort and increase empowerment for our people. That is important to HGS UK”.

These innovations not only deliver extraordinary benefits, but this award to HGS UK also highlights the strength and the trust in the partnership between HGS UK and NICE. A partnership which we are intensely proud and protective of, and one which underpins the HGS UK philosophy of creating partnerships which not only benefit our business, but which also benefit our industry.