HGS Named a ‘Leader’ in CX Services Transformation 2024 Report

NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation & Assessment (NEAT)

Among several of its competitors, HGS has been identified as a ‘Leader’ in the CX Services Transformation NEAT Report for 2024.

“HGS stands out in the CX space with its innovative approach, particularly with Agent X, and its ability to steer enterprises towards an AI-enhanced future,” said Ivan Kotzev, NelsonHall’s Customer Experience (CX) Services Lead Analyst, who holds global responsibility for CX Services research and client support.

“The platform reflects HGS’s strategy to balance technology with human agents, streamlining processes and enriching customer interactions,” he continued. “Through Agent X, HGS aims to meet and anticipate market demands for sophisticated, intelligent customer experiences. It showcases how using AI can elevate service standards and position enterprises at the forefront of digital transformation.”

The NEAT (NelsonHall Vendor Evaluation and Assessment) tools for strategic sourcing managers are part of NelsonHall’s “speed-to-source” initiative. The NEAT tool sits at the front-end of the vendor screening process and consists of a two-axis model: assessing vendors against their “ability to deliver immediate benefit” to buy-side organizations and their “ability to meet client future requirements.”

This particular NEAT Tool analyzes the performance of vendors offering Customer Experience (CX) transformation services. The NEAT tool allows strategic sourcing managers to assess the capability of vendors across a range of criteria and business situations and identify the best performing vendors overall and with specific capability in CX improvement, cost optimization, and revenue generation.

HGS was positioned by NelsonHall as a leader in three market segments: Revenue Generation, Improvement Capability, and Cost Optimization. Our noted strengths include:

  • Active use of sentiment analytics and GenAI unified in a strategic platform for operational optimization across QA, reporting, agent training, and performance management
  • Mature online reputation management and social media care capabilities with own framework and CoE
  • Continued investments in analytics platforms and resources to deepen the breadth of data services and CX analytics
  • Clear agent augmentation roadmap across the different stages of an interaction

“At HGS, our vision with Agent X is to fuse tailored solutions using advanced AI with human touch to revolutionize the customer experience across verticals,” said Adarsh Hegde, Senior Director, Product and Solutions Management. “We’re making this a reality by empowering agents, boosting brand value, and driving both cost efficiency and revenue growth. Agent X is a key solution in our broad suite of offerings, steering enterprises through the transformative wave of AI in digital customer engagement.”

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