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2020 World HRD Congress and Awards

2020 World HRD Congress Award

HGS’s global corporate social responsibility (CSR) employee volunteering program, Work to Give (for a Better Tomorrow), was recognized in 2020.

Through our CSR programs, we reach out to the most marginalized and vulnerable sections of society and also contribute to environmental development. We organize ~10 volunteering events each month, which gives rise to more than 1,000 happy volunteer engagements.

HGS awards and recognitions

IAOP Excellence in Strategic Partnerships
Automation Anywhere Award
TMC CX Innovation Award 2020
Cloud Computing Excellence Award
Bronze 2020 Stevie Winner for Women in Business
2020 Best in Partnership award
ECCCSA Awards Finalist 2020
ECCCSA Awards Finalist 2020
IAOP Impact Sourcing Champions
Silver Stevie Award
ISG Index Booming 15 Sourcing Standout
Excellence in customer service award 2020 badge
2020 World HRD Congress Award
2020 World HRD Congress Award
2020 World HRD Congress Award
2020 World HRD Congress Award
Training Magazine Top 125 Award

2020 Training Top 125

IAOP Global Outsourcing 100
Instahiring Trailblazers Award 2020
Customer Fest Leadership Awards 2020

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