2024 Winner: AI Breakthrough Awards

Best Facial Recognition Award

HGS has been recognized as the Best Facial Recognition System in 2024 by The AI Breakthrough Awards.

The AI Breakthrough Awards recognize top-tier technologies, organizations and products within the Artificial Intelligence Industry with award categories such as Leadership, AI Platforms, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Computer Vision, Robotics and RPA.

HGS introduced a groundbreaking facial recognition system that represents a leap forward in the crowded AI industry, offering unparalleled accuracy, versatility, and ethical integrity. Traditional facial recognition methods struggle to maintain accuracy over time, especially as individuals age and their facial features change. Unlike conventional facial recognition systems, HGS’s solution approaches facial recognition as a mathematical exercise, utilizing cutting-edge techniques such as finite element modeling based mesh analysis, Delaunay triangulation, feature extraction, key point detection-matching and landmark alignment. By breaking down facial images into geometric components and comparing them against predefined thresholds, the system achieves unparalleled accuracy and reliability. This mathematical precision allows HGS to identify individuals with confidence – distinguishing variations in muscular formations and expressions – even in challenging scenarios such as aging, as well as accidents or injuries.

By automating and streamlining the identification process, HGS enables organizations to save time and resources while achieving higher accuracy and reliability.

Evaluated by an independent panel of experts within the AI space, the winning organizations were judged on a variety of factors including innovation, design, overall experience and technological advancements for each category.