2022 Winner: Training APEX Awards

Training APEX Awards 2022

For the 4th year in a row, HGS has been included among global elite trainers.

Previously known as the Training Top 125 and Training Top 100, HGS placed #68 this year, up 9 spots from 2021.

In 2021 as the pandemic continued, HGS made every effort to protect employee health and address contact center volumes. We initiated a project called “Lift and Shift” that lifted and shifted employees to the safety of their homes. During this transition, not only did we train frontline employees on how to use new equipment, execute processes/tasks from home, and share updates on changes to HGS and client policies, we trained managers how to manage, retain, and motivate employees remotely.

In addition, with a focus on what will happen post-pandemic, HGS has created a work-at-home center of excellence (CoE) to build a global model to ensure consistency and continual innovation. The CoE focuses on process, system design, interdependencies, risks and mitigations, benchmarking, goal-setting, and harvesting and amplifying best practices. The CoE initiative allows HGS to grow its work-at-home operations globally, and training plays a major role in the success of the initiative.

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AI Breakthrough Award 2022
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TMC CX Innovation Award 2020
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ECCCSA award Finalist
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2020 World HRD Congress Award
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