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The DIY era of CX: Solving with self-help and agent assist

The last time you needed customer service, did you immediately contact the company by phone, email, or chat, or did you first dig around online a bit to see if you could find the solution yourself? Now consider the service channels your company offers. Have you seen a recent uptick in the use of self-help […]

Retail-ready: 5 non-voice CX solutions to deflect high call volume

Concerned retailers are feeling the impact caused by recent global supply chain issues. Cargo vessels filled with shipping containers of merchandise are anchored offshore at major U.S. ports, yet those goods aren’t reaching store shelves due to a lack of workers to unload the ships, warehouses that are already at maximum capacity, as well as […]

Roundtable recap: A few highlights on creative contracting and digital transformation

HGS recently participated in a virtual roundtable discussion entitled “Leveraging Creative Contracts to Drive CX Transformation Outcomes,” sponsored by Everest Group and hosted by SVP, Business Development Chris DeLambo. Everest Vice President David Rickard and Parikshit (PK) Kalra, SVP, Head of Client Solutions & Capabilities, served as panelists during the discussion. Read on for notable […]

The future of work: 5 key insights from CX industry experts

Over the last 15 months, we’ve witnessed organisations pivot their operating models to enable their teams to work from home. As things slowly start returning to the way they were before the pandemic, many have begun to ask the question—what is the future of work? According to Bloomberg, 63% of employers expect to implement hybrid […]

Philippines contact center agents quickly transition to home operations with great results

As the COVID-19 pandemic intensified around the world in March 2020, an American consumer electronics company needed offshore, remote help providing technical support for issues regarding smart TVs, sound bars, and streaming apps. Sherri Schmidt, HGS Director of Global Account Management, shared the details of how HGS successfully delivered an urgent offshore work-at-home solution for […]

Creative contracting models beyond FTE in the digital era

As brands transform and move to an increasingly digitally led customer experience fueled by their customers’ demands for more effective self-service channels powered by contact center AI, it’s no surprise that they’re also changing what they require from their outsourcing partners: technology and analytics-based transformation with increased ROI and CSAT. HGS’s Chris DeLambo, SVP Business […]