Entries by Michelle Caddey Maclean

Beyond the CX: The Total Experience (TX)

A total experience (TX) ensures the goals of all stakeholders, through all channels and interfaces, are met during an engagement. Leveraging technology, putting employees at the heart of the TX, and journey mapping for everyone are logical steps towards a TX.

Building Better Chatbots: 7 Key Considerations

Implementing a chatbot is definitely not a once-and-done affair. Monitoring users’ evolving needs, creating a vision, iterating, and leveraging analytics ensures your chatbot reaches its maximum potential.

Vying for — and Winning — An Agent’s Time, Attention, and Loyalty in a Gig Economy

A mix of in-house and external talent with gig-style staffing models can infuse new energy and flexibility into many contact centers. However, when a gig worker has several companies demanding their time and attention, employers essentially compete for loyalty and engagement. This blog gives tips on becoming an employer of choice in the gig economy.

Tech or Treat: Top Tricks for Digital Transformation

When it comes to digital transformation, it’s no wonder that today’s businesses might be going a little batty.  With customers increasingly demanding greater speed, service and convenience, and organizational leaders requiring rapid ROI from every technology investment, there’s a deep sense of urgency for companies to get their digital strategy right. Adopting technologies that drive true […]

How do I Resolve High Call Volumes?

Today’s contact centers are turning to AI and machine learning solutions to manage peak call volumes and allow workers to focus on those tasks that matter the most.