Hear from our clients about the services and solutions we provide

“HGS has been very responsive and collaborative with us on both a new site launch and re-energizing an existing site.”

Overall rating:

“Well – good communication and follow-up, responsive to needs, willing to innovate, pleasure to work with.  Opportunity – consistency in service delivery”

Overall rating:

“Strong communication and relationship building. Ensures the customer and client is the heart of their decision making and investments, which is really delivering CSAT.”

Overall rating:

“HGS is a superb partner to work with. Their vision and strategy is completely aligned to ours, which makes our partnership harmonious. The entire team is client-centric, driven, and a joy to work with. ”

Overall rating:

“The HGS team anticipates our needs, manages the business efficiently, and has a passion for the brand. This continues to ensure our success and exceed customer expectations across both digital and traditional feedback lifecycles.”

“The team has been amazing. They are so responsive, have great attention to detail, really know the data and the Power BI system, and have turned a frumpy dashboard into something more than we ever expected. We are looking forward to working with them further in the future.”

“Thank you for putting forth the efforts to maintain such high quality. HGS has exceeded our expectations, and we look forward to our continued partnership.”

“You guys have earned your credibility within our organization, and I see you guys as our key martech partner. If you’re not with us, we’re in trouble.”

“I brag about you guys often, and I love this team. Thank you for making my job easy and making me love what I do every day.”

“HGS Digital brings quality resources to each engagement. The outcomes the team members have provided justify the price tag.”

“I see your team as a long-term partner looking after our interests.”

“Our people can see the light at the end of the tunnel … and they know it is not a train!”

“HGS Digital manages our CMS in the cloud, and it never goes down!”

“Taking the path of a headless CMS was a damn good idea!”

“I was a passenger, and now I’m in the cockpit. HGS PULSE gives us the flexibility to see various parameters when we need them. It’s a really great tool.”

“HGS Digital is bringing significant thought leadership to enterprises who are pioneering the full benefit of providing social media at scale.”

“I’m ecstatic about HGS PULSE. The portal is top notch! I can get insights around product quality instantly without having to rely on others.”

“I appreciate the proactive and matured support that HGS is extending to us even under the pandemic conditions and with work-from-home arrangements. Thank you to each of the team members for their commitment to our support and deliverables. Kudos to their customer-centric mindset.”

“The team at HGS is passionate and hard-working. We appreciate their contribution and support during the launch of different campaigns. It is exciting to work alongside this talented force and grow together as one team.”

“HGS Digital continues to exceed our expectations with fantastic customer service and great delivery quality.”

“Thanks for the continued hard work and your resilient focus. Your efforts are making a difference, and we’re seeing better outcomes for our business partners and our customers.”