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Voice of Customer strategy

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Your contact center is one of the main sources of interactions with your customer, and a wealth of data is automatically collected. Typically, the team is the first to learn about what is working (or not) in the marketplace.

HGS can work with Twilio Flex to mine this data and generate insights (e.g., product, promotion, advertising) in real time to maximize the customer experience.

HGS contact center offerings


Voice of Customer insights from the contact center

Critical to success today is the ability to remain nimble in the marketplace to optimize customer satisfaction. Empowering business teams with real-time customer data related to product or marketing programs allows for the agility to adapt and make changes as needed.

HGS ensures your enterprise has the Voice of Customer insights at your fingertips to facilitate learning and decision making.

  • Strategic framework around the integration of Twilio Flex with Segment to listen to the VoC across multiple channels
  • Use cases to help marketers gain insights
  • Architecture design to implement the solutions
  • Time and cost estimates for customized implementations
  • Immediate value, turn-key solutions

Understand the voice of the customer (positive, negative, neutral) based on customers’ interactions across all channels.

Gain immediate insights and have the ability to proactively readjust and respond to marketing campaigns, website/mobile app issues and competitive activity.

Identify areas of improvement using customer feedback.

Understand broad themes around customer experience and validate with qualitative data.

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Our Voice-of-Customer Insights Strategy Workshop helps clients build a blueprint using Twilio Flex and Segment CDP.

Equipping business teams with valuable customer insights around product performance or marketing programs provides them the data to make informed decisions around what is moving the needle. Are business objectives being met? Are consumers happy with the product? Why or why not? Is the latest consumer promotion netting results? Imagine having all of this information at your fingertips in real time!

HGS can help integrate customer interaction data from Twilio Flex into Segment including:

  • Customer information
  • Speech-to-text data from voice
  • Data from internal email and chat systems
  • Social integration with other systems like Sprinklr
  • Customized persona attributes in Segment to deliver the voice of customer from social and other channels

Deeper consumer insights will allow for greater understanding and more marketing plan flexibility:

  • Understand brand sentiment
  • Measure campaign effectiveness
  • Optimize messaging for personalization
  • Capture competitive intelligence
  • Receive product/service feedback
  • Enhance experimentation and testing programs

Who will benefit?

Segment and/or Twilio Flex clients who are:

  • marketers who want to understand voice of the customer across all channels
  • product managers who want customer feedback on their product and releases
  • analytics teams looking for more data to integrate into analysis

Why HGS?

HGS has helped over 50 companies implement Twilio Flex. We are powered by an experienced, technically qualified team made up of Segment and Twilio technicians and subject matter experts.