HGS and Twilio Segment:

Implementation and utilization

Do you have unanswered questions around Segment implementation or utilization?

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Whether your marketing or IT team is faced with 1 or 100 key challenges, HGS offers on-demand support to help.

After implementing Segment, you may have questions and issues that your teams do not have the time or bandwidth to address.

HGS can serve as a natural extension of your IT support team offering urgent and ongoing assistance for Segment-related issues.

HGS diagnostics and managed support


Segment X-Team

After new technology is launched, there may not be ongoing resources to fully support it. HGS offers an on-demand solution.

  • Segment experts to assist in resolving issues and building enhancements
  • Allocated hours to address any support or development needs
  • Time estimates for each request to be implemented upon approval
  • Formalized onboarding process and documentation templates
  • Immediate value, turn-key solution
  • Reduced reliance on IT resources and eliminates the need for internal onboarding, training and ramp up
  • Enhanced cost effectiveness while gaining access to diversified skillsets (as compared to dedicated FTEs)
  • Improved customer satisfaction in higher uptime and quick issue resolution

HGS, a partner of Segment, is uniquely qualified to:

  • proactively monitor all systems
  • interface directly with Segment on product issues
  • deliver L1 and/or L2 assistance and support
  • review architecture and expansion plans
  • troubleshoot product issues
  • offer best practices recommendations
  • address questions on system operations and training
  • fix bugs
  • handle backup and restore requests

Who will benefit?

  • Teams needing urgent and/or ongoing assistance with Segment that are unable to invest in a dedicated support team
  • Internal IT teams that do not have the capacity or capability to support the Segment platform

Why HGS?

The Managed Support services provided by HGS can dramatically accelerate time-to-value, drive down costs and bridge critical gaps that need to be addressed in your organization.

HGS has helped numerous organizations in not only implementing Segment but also providing ongoing support.

We are powered by an experienced, technically qualified team made up of Segment technicians and subject matter experts.