HGS and Twilio Segment:

Health Check

Is Segment currently running in your organization?
Let HGS perform a Health Check to ensure optimal performance.

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You have Segment up and running and want to confirm that within your tech stack the configuration is optimized for performance against the desired business outcomes. In under a month, HGS can perform a thorough Health Check to do just that.

It is critical that all systems are in tune to deliver the full capabilities of a product as determined at the onset of its implementation.

HGS diagnostics and managed support


Segment Health Check

Diagnostic assessment of the Segment system to ensure an optimal configuration for performance and desired business outcomes.

  • Business goals review
  • Diagnostic health check with architecture assessment of the Segment installation
  • Recommendations that include approach and effort
  • Dedicated Customer Success Manager to assist with any follow-up queries
  • Immediate value, turn-key solutions
  • Validation of existing Segment setup for issue identification
  • Alignment of industry best practices with recommendations to realize maximum value
  • Elimination of time/cost to address improvement opportunities
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HGS, a strategy partner of Segment, is uniquely qualified to assess and review your:

  • Business goals aligned to Segment implementation
  • Segment set-up
  • Input and output integrations
  • Persona attributes
  • Customer journeys
  • Audience set-up
  • Audience campaigns
  • Data quality
  • Data governance
  • Reporting
  • Analytics

Who will benefit?

  • Teams facing challenges with set-up, architecture, configurations, integrations, security and reporting
  • Teams unable to realize desired business outcomes postimplementation of Segment and need support to figure out why
  • Users who want to be educated on best practices

Why HGS?

We are powered by an experienced, technically qualified team made up of Segment technicians and subject matter experts.