HGS and Twilio Segment:

Data strategy workshop

How do you identify and leverage the right data to support business planning and decision-making using Segment?

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HGS can help you organize and operationalize data to enrich decisioning and drive business outcomes leveraging the Segment platform.

Lack of utilization of data is a key reason for the failure of data projects. While organizations may collect plenty of data, it is too often inaccessible or difficult to manipulate to gain real value.

HGS strategy workshops


Enterprise data strategy with Segment

Designing the right data strategy using Segment CDP, MarTech stack and cloud data technologies, businesses can build a future-looking technology strategy needed for competitive differentiation.

Our Enterprise Data Strategy Workshop uses a design thinking framework that assesses the overall maturity of data within the organization and helps build an enterprise data strategy.

Workshop deliverables include:

  • Assessment scorecard of existing data sources and systems
  • Data strategy and roadmap across enterprise and MarTech systems
  • Cost and time effort estimates for implementing recommendations from the strategy exercise
  • Data architecture to support the recommended solutions

Key takeaways from workshop:

  • Recommendations on how to grow overall data maturity across the organization
  • Ways to extend the value of the Segment platform, while aligning it with overall enterprise data strategy

HGS’s Enterprise Data Strategy Workshop can help create a comprehensive strategy to leverage existing data and build an actionable platform using Segment. We work with IT, marketing and customer experience teams to identify data needs, and ultimately provide a framework to leverage the data for actionable results.

Workshop scope:

  • Review current analytics and MarTech data sources/systems
  • Review ETLs and data processes
  • Identify data hygiene and enhancement opportunities
  • Assess data governance approach
  • Create overall data strategy that supports enterprise data needs
  • Make data team structure recommendations
  • Establish prioritized roadmap
  • Identify support resources and cost estimates to implement the strategy
  • Finalize next steps

Why HGS?

We are powered by an experienced, technically qualified team made up of Segment engineers, data architects, data scientists, data analysts and subject matter experts.

Who will benefit?

Segment clients or prospects:

  • looking to create a unified data strategy across systems leveraging the Segment platform
  • looking to extend Segment capabilities to enhance their overall data strategy across the organization

What’s the value proposition?

Our Enterprise Data Strategy Workshop can help jump-start data driven decision making within the organization leading to accelerated time-to-value and reduced business costs, while identifying the critical skill gaps that need to be bridged within the enterprise.