HGS and Twilio Segment:

Customer 360o for contact centers

How do you coordinate and utilize Segment data in the Twilio Flex contact center?
HGS offers a Customer 360o view for agents.

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Your contact center is one of the main sources of interaction with your customers.

HGS can help leverage Segment CDP capabilities and provide a holistic view of customers in real time, while they are on the other end of the phone, text or chat.

HGS contact center offerings


Customer 360o for contact center agents

Empowering agents with customer data, supporting more efficient and effective interactions with customers, thus driving satisfaction.

  • Strategic framework around the integration of Segment and Twilio Flex with the Agent Assist dashboard
  • Ability to work within the Flex interface to garner deeper customer insights for contextual customer conversations
  • Architecture design to implement the solutions
  • Time estimates for each request to be implemented upon approval
  • Immediate value, turn-key solutions
  • Personalized customer experiences via Twilio Flex and Segment integration
  • Increased agent efficiency that is reflected in the bottom line
  • Improved customer satisfaction due to greater contact resolutions
Customer 360 degree

Arming your agents with the most relevant data possible as they interact with customers makes for a more successful interaction, one-touch resolution and ultimately greater customer satisfaction.

HGS can help integrate customer interaction data from Segment into Twilio Flex including:

  • Web and mobile
  • Mobile app
  • Email campaigns
  • Advertising
  • Point of sale
  • IoT

Additionally, this provides an opportunity to work with the team on upsell/cross-sell recommendations as well as helping to create a contextual knowledge base for agents.

Who will benefit?

Segment and/or Twilio Flex clients who are:

  • looking to improve the customer experience during contact center interactions
  • striving to enhance agent productivity and experience by providing customer 360o information for better contextual conversations

Why HGS?

HGS has helped over 50 companies implement Twilio Flex. We are powered by an experienced, technically qualified team made up of Segment and Twilio technicians and subject matter experts.