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HGS mourns the loss of Srichand Parmanand Hinduja
glance customer experience
Patrick Elliott
Patrick Elliott
Contact center automation
Multi-colored pixels are coming together to form the silhouette of a person
image of a young woman looking at her smartphone
One of a group of 3 people points to his mobile phone to make a point about customer data platforms
Industries and verticals who can benefit from robotic process automation
Data and analytics
Photo of Andrew Kokes
Investing in employee growth
enhance CX through technology
A person is interacting with a ChatBot on his mobile phone.
Photo of Virgil Wong
2018 Trend 2: 3 Ways Analytics Tools Drive CX Transformation
A young woman of new recruitment meeting with the team
image of a person looking for travel information on his mobile phone
A smiling group at a desk holds onto a large cloud cutout illustrating cloud services
Chatbot connects different digital icons popping out of the tablet screen
A person is interacting with a ChatBot on his mobile phone.
Colleen McCann photo
beating the multi cloud blues
Cloud computing
CMS wire
Remote Is on the Rise: Embracing Work-at-Home Jobs
Image of a wheelchair ramp
Image of a family travelling with passports
Improve Customer Experience Using Marketing Automation
Image of a two workers using a digital device to monitor workplace safety measures
Data Analytics graphic
Image of an engineer control welding heavy automation with smart connection new technology in the future
Image of a person loging in on his computer
icon of a circuit board shaped in a triangle to portrait the advancing in data transformation
Woman who needs a data center of excellence moves graphs and images around on a large glass screen
Young female call center agent answers customer inquiries on a laptop from home
Tom Jones
Image of a young couple using smartphone on the street
Photo of Andrew Kokes
Image of a DevOps security personnel working on computer
Image of a consulting team analyzing HR data
Photo of Yasim