UK Retail customer service solutions

Develop an experience for a more discerning consumer

Ensure sustainable growth with integrated, data-driven customer experience (CX)

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Improve sales, conversions, and loyalty

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Reduce cost to serve with talent and technology

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Accelerate your digital or contact centre transformation

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Personalise and connect through the use of data

Prioritise contact centre innovation

Turn your contact centre into a digital CX hub

Many retailers are buckling under today’s economic realities. An integrated, personalised customer experience (CX) can help to acquire, support, and keep increasingly precious customers. HGS, a leader in digital CX, can help you innovate to exceed shopper expectations.

  • Contact centre efficiency and results improvement
  • Multichannel, multilingual customer journeys
  • Social media customer care and marketing
  • Scalability for campaigns, seasonality, and peaks
  • Retention and loyalty programme management
  • Customer sentiment and store insights
  • Ecommerce, self-service, and virtual advisor solutions

Target and tailor the CX

Personalise for a more social- and value-conscious consumer

Apps, hybrid shopping, community building, click and collect, etc. have added new dimensions to retail. They have enabled businesses to reach prospects anywhere.

Advancements aside, catering to what each consumer prefers remains an imperative.

With a team that can gather, analyse, and apply customer data, we provide what retailers need to continue to personalise and grow.

Customer care and support

Including tech support, complaints, community management, account maintenance, app development, and refunds, returns, repairs, and recalls

Loyalty and retention

Including churn analysis and strategy, customer lifetime value increases, retention campaigns, referral programmes, subscriptions, and customer feedback loops

Marketing, customer acquisition, and sales

Including cart abandonment, average order value, product recommendation engine, social, and intelligent automation strategies, including WISMO (where is my order)

Differentiate with customer service

Build a brand that’s here to stay with Bots&Brains™ — the perfect balance of talent and technology

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Increase retail revenues

Convert browsers to buyers

Consumers today have less disposable income

Consumer confidence is weak. Spending on ‘delayable’ goods has fallen. People prioritise household and work necessities over ‘nice-to-haves.’

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Are you operating efficiently?

  • Self-service, virtual agents, chatbots, and call deflection services
  • Advisor productivity and automation solutions
  • Flexible staffing models

CX value leads to repurchase in 82% of customers

Increased customer loyalty and wallet share are made possible when agents answer questions and help customers derive greater value from a product.

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Does Your Team Create Value?

  • Customer journey and technology mapping
  • Talented advisors, hired and trained for your brands
  • Community building and CSAT and NPS® improvements

Convincing someone to buy takes 7+ touchpoints

The ‘marketing rule of 7’ still applies. Prospects interact in-store, online, and by phone before purchasing. 60% of customers say no 4x before saying yes.

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Are you data-driven?

  • Campaign support
  • Omnichannel for a consistent CX
  • Voice of the customer data and sentiment analysis
  • Contact centre analytics

Sell more online

Increase sales with ecommerce fully supported by a culturally integrated team

For a global fitness leader, HGS inspired growth through content management enrichment for 30+ ecommerce web properties AND through retention, AHT, and CSAT improvements among its D2C and B2B consumers in the UK.

£5Mrevenue growth in one year

34%retention rate

9.14CSAT score

46%AHT improvement


Connect with the socially conscious

Adopt a more mindful approach

Shoppers are embracing more organic, sustainable, ethical, less-waste, and health-conscious options.

For many retailers, the reprioritisation of small batch, bespoke, eco-friendly, and local requires more agile supply chains and advisors who understand and explain products at a deeper level. Reorienting for mindful consumers does not happen overnight. No matter the pace of your evolution, we are on the journey with you, through a partnership that accommodates change.

We acknowledge our environmental, sustainability, and diversity, equity, and inclusion responsibilities.

Learn about our ESG efforts

Improve customer loyalty

Keep the customers you already have

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Retain your hard-won customers

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Drive loyalty and repeat customers

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Interact in their preferred language

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Increase CSAT and NPS® scores

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Provide HGS EPIC™ social care

Foster relationships

Grow your brand on social media

Online reviews, on-brand posts, and two-way interactions with customers shape reputations, products, and balance sheets. A single social comment can make or break an organisation.

Working with your in-house and outsourced teams, our HGS EPIC™ Social Care team responds to customer comments on-brand and efficiently across mainstream and lesser-known social channels.

Tackle the talent shortage

Manage peaks with on-call brand champions

99% of UK retail leaders are concerned about talent shortages. Contact centre volume increases only serve to put extra pressure on already-lean operations. We have a scalable team to help manage these fluctuations.

Delivering effective messaging across multiple customer touchpoints requires discipline. We work with stores and ecommerce teams, coordinate with warehouses, and align with marketing for campaigns.

HGS Agent X Overview Dashboard

Get next-level business intelligence

Support decision-making with analytics

Consumers make purchasing decisions on an array of factors. Affordability, quality, safety, environmental and societal impact, convenience, and usability may all come into play.

Ensuring your advisers and marketing teams are primed to support customers during their decision-making process requires a 360⁰ view of data.

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Connect with our retail digital CX experts

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Raj Mistry

Head of Enterprise Sales
London, England

“Having led digital innovation across a multitude of industries (e.g. banking, insurance, media, retail), I can say confidently that HGS’s value proposition is world-class.

We enable clients to strike a balance between technology and people-based solutions for the very best customer experience. I look forward to partnering creatively with companies as they seek to deliver the greatest value from — and for — their customers.”

Chris SlyLinkedIn icon

Christopher Sly

Head of Digital
London, England

“For all our clients, we create a technology arc that maps how they can evolve. The arc always features UK-based, UK-friendly technology options and builds on existing assets.

HGS UK is proudly platform-agnostic so we recommend only the best options for you and your customers.”

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Benefit from our retail and B2C experience

Work with a partner serving UK customers for 25+ years

Using both talent and technology, HGS connects with each retail customer on an individual, personal level whilst helping clients to achieve their larger business and revenue targets.

Frequently asked questions

Yes. HGS employs office-based, hybrid, and Work@Home advisers all across the UK to align with clients’ needs and preferences. Post-pandemic, we understand our clients’ struggles in balancing employee at-home flexibility with the advantages of in-office collaboration and service delivery.

Our partnership with ChatLingual and our thousands of brand champions in Philippines, Jamaica, India, USA, Australia, Colombia, and Canada ensure you can cultivate stronger customer relationships in practically any market or geography that you choose to pursue.

Globalisation has brought opportunity, but also language complexity. Our partnership with ChatLingual brings the perfect combination of Bots&Brains™. Our English-speaking advisors utilise ChatLingual’s advanced translation technology to support your customers in over 100 languages with 98% accuracy. Overcome language barriers, minimize the need to hire hard-to-find multilingual human resources, and ensure cost-effective growth in foreign markets with a proven, agent-assist language tool.

As a corporate citizen, HGS acknowledges our development and sustainability responsibilities. We prioritise our communities and planet through:

  • Protecting UK jobs, TUPE adherence
  • Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI) programmes
  • High quality, long-term employment opportunities and career pathing
  • Training and equal opportunities for growth for the disadvantaged (impact sourcing)
  • Employee health and wellbeing support
  • Eco-friendly, 2035 net-zero workplace strategy
  • Community and charity volunteerism / fundraising
  • Equality, sustainability, and fairness in procurement
  • Executive-level CSR governance

Learn more about our ESG efforts

Yes! We can help you to ensure business continuity through any of — or a combination of — the following solutions:

  • Our cloud strategy, telephony, migration, security, and managed services enable you to redistribute customer contacts to advisers across the UK — or the world.
  • Our self-service, callback, chatbot, and IVR solutions ensure every inquiry is addressed, even when there are peaks and valleys in volume or contact centre outages.
  • Our Work@Home and blended adviser teams allow you to scale up or down fast.
  • Our technical experts on demand can assist in building a customer-first business continuity/disaster recovery plan that fits your anticipated needs precisely.