Banking, Financial Services, and Fintech

Get a higher return on your CX investment

Curb the costs of acquiring, serving, and retaining customers

  • Be proactive and anticipate needs
  • Boost business continuity
  • Improve perception of value

Speak to an expert

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Ensure coordinated interactions

Unify the CX within and across lines of business

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Business and Retail Banking

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Mortgages and Loans

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Cards and Payments

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Fintech and Open Banking

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Wealth Management

CSAT can decrease by about 20% with every additional interaction.
Your customers see one brand and may need help with multiple products at the same time.

Augment as needed

Fuel your upward trajectory without necessarily adding headcount

At HGS, outsourcing is a spectrum. It’s tailored to meet the needs of the moment.

  • Consulting to transform, optimize, and grow
  • Technical experts on demand
  • CX pilots and digital transformation support
  • Process optimization (including with AI)
  • Contact center and back-office BPO
  • Short-term, seasonal, or crisis staffing

Improve contact center ROI

Contain your costs to serve

Combining modern, digital delivery with an empathetic, human touch is our specialty. Engage a team with Bots&Brains™.

Self-service iconCustomer self-service

Chatbot iconVirtual agents and chatbots

Intelligent automation iconRPA and intelligent automation

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Optimize with customers in mind

Never disappoint due to technology constraints

Banking and financial systems are often a patchwork of legacy and modern, on-prem and cloud, and back- and front-end.

Add to your customer-first IT ecosystem

HGS assists with any and all of the layers that affect the CX and CSAT — from cloud strategy and contact center telephony, to chatbots and CRM, to the dashboards and analytics that enable you to manage it all.

Make the most of the CX technology you have

Untapped features could hold the key to delighting customers. HGS can help — with automation, agent-assist, bots, and more. We design, build, integrate, implement, enhance, and support a digital CX.

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Become a coveted credit card provider

HGS provides a wide range of digital CX and BPO services for one of the highest ranking credit card issuers in US customer satisfaction – and we’ve been doing it since 2001.

Read the credit card case study

Engage, educate, and notify more

Improve customers’ perceptions of value

-8 pointsBanks and fintechs have similar CXs and CSATs. In banking, CSAT is flat or trending downward by 4-8 points, especially in under-40s.

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Differentiate with technology

  • Provide integrated self-help
  • Increase first-call resolution rates
  • Incorporate agent-assist tools and productivity dashboards

8%Proactive personalization increases CSAT in retail and business banking. But only 8% of banks apply predictive insights to campaigns.

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Personalize with analytics

  • Tailor with customer sentiment data
  • Equip agents to extend targeted offers
  • Be proactive with speech and text analytics

82%CSAT leads to loyalty if customers perceive high value – 82% may stay, 86% may increase wallet share, and 97% may promote your brand.

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Engage to add value

  • Use knowledgebases to educate
  • Provide process transparency
  • Deliver well-timed notifications
  • Offer accessible, multilingual service
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Choose a partner that grows with you

A mobile payments startup turned to HGS in a high growth phase. HGS applied its experience in billing, tech support, sales, and customer care to propel this trailblazer – with agent friendliness.

Read the fintech case study

Outsource with peace of mind

Prioritize customer data protection

Just as trust is a cornerstone of BFS, the same is true for BPO. At HGS, we take the same precautions as your team. We have stringent policies governing personnel, networks, and operations.

  • Separate physical and logical infrastructure
  • Scanning for risks and threats
  • Timely upgrades and patch management
  • Internal, client, and external auditing (e.g., SOC 2)
  • Threat-risk assessments

We comply with legislation and industry standards such as the Gramm-Leach-Bliley Act (GLBA), Sarbanes-Oxley Act (SOX), PCI-DSS v3.2, as well as ISO 27701:2015 and 9001:2008.

  • Access control, proximity cards, CCTV, guards
  • Paper-free, shredding, no-device, restricted internet
  • Dedicated teams, NDAs, and background checks
  • DRP, BCP, and incident management and response
  • Vulnerability-penetration testing

Refresh processes for a better CX

Turn your back office into a differentiator

Up to 75 to 80% of transactional operations can be automated. Re-imagine your back office as an asset. Unbiased, programmatic, AI and analytics-enhanced decisions can increase speed, accuracy, and CSAT while reducing risk.

  • Transaction and invoice processing
  • Document preparation and verification
  • Account review and maintenance
  • Check processing / lock-box
  • Investigations, validation, and resolution
  • Loans and mortgage operations
  • Compliance and risk early warning
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Consult with our CX specialists

Using HGS as a CX facilitator can build consensus. One bank turned to HGS when it became clear that certain leaders saw customer service as strictly a branch concern. They needed to kickstart a CX transformation, so we delivered workshops and a digital CX roadmap.

Read the BFS consulting case study

Transform, optimize, and grow

Champion every moment that your customers spend with your brand.

Frequently asked questions

  • Customer acquisition, lead generation, and sales
  • Account servicing and support
  • Payments, collections, and overdrafts
  • Retention and loyalty programs
  • Complaints, fees, and disputes management
  • Fraud, waste, and abuse
  • Online, mobile, branch, and ATM support
  • Activations, replacements, and servicing
  • Wealth planning appointments and referrals
  • Loan origination and servicing
  • Reconciliations
  • Document management and verification
  • Invoice and application processing

At a minimum, we support the following channels:

  • Phone
  • Self-serve
  • Webchat
  • Text/SMS
  • Direct messaging
  • In-app messaging
  • Social
  • WhatsApp
  • Email
  • Post / snail mail