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Automation Anywhere Award
TMC CX Innovation Award 2020
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ECCCSA Awards Finalist 2020
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2020 World HRD Congress Award
2020 World HRD Congress Award
2020 World HRD Congress Award
IAOP Excellence in Strategic Partnerships 2020
Training Magazine Top 125 Award
IAOP Global Outsourcing 100
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Instahiring Trailblazers Award 2020
Customer Fest Leadership Awards 2020
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We are a global leader in business process management (BPM) and optimizing the customer experience lifecycle.

HGS is helping make its clients more competitive every day. We combine our deep domain expertise with technology-powered services in automation, analytics, and digital transformation. Our back-office processing, contact centers, traditional and digital customer care, and HRO solutions deliver a transformational impact for our clients.

Superior customer experiences

Superior customer experiences through traditional and digital channels supporting all phases of the customer lifecycle.

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Intelligent automation, digital transformation, and strategy

Improve customer engagement, optimize operations, reduce cost, and increase revenue through frictionless digital experiences.

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World-class healthcare business process management

Do more with less, provide better care and health outcomes, and provide a better experience for your patients, members, customers, employees, and partners.

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